What exactly are Watchers you may be asking yourself, if you are a newcomer to the Highlander show. The Watcher organisation is a group of mortals who have taken it upon themselves to keep an eye on Immortals. Each sword carrying Immie has a member of the secret society following them and recording anything of interest that they may do.
The first rule of Watching is: watch and do not interfere. All members of the Watchers may be identified by the tattoo on the inside of their wrists. The design of the tattoo can be seen embossed as the background to this page.
An Immortal and Watcher cannot be friends, which brings us nicely to the gentleman below: Joe Dawson (Jim Byrnes).

Joe Dawson

Joe is MacLeod's Watcher, but due to some trouble with a renegade section of the organisation that were killing Immortals, Dawson is also Duncan's friend. They've tried to end the friendship once after their contact caused a death, but the human spirit overcame all and their schism lasted only a short time. Joe has been instrumental in helping Mac several times and is also aware of Methos' true identity. This Watcher owes his life to Richie, the young Immortal took several bullets meant for him, but he has since repaid the debt in full. Joe will sometimes produce information to assist MacLeod, but he will not help him to win the Game.

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