Immortal Doom ( in the works )

Immortal Doom is a addon on for doom2 by us here at Team Immortal. This page will give you screen shots, sound clips, and other info on this addon as it is being developed. So check it out!

We now have just about every thing planed out for Immortal doom. The addon will have 15 all new, never before seen maps. The theme for these maps will range from, spaceports, towns, castles, hellish worlds, and more! The addon is mainly single player, but is also deathmatch and co-op friendly. Basicly you have 15 great maps, that play good in all modes of play. The production of Immortal Doom begain 11/11/97. We are still working on the logo of it to put on this page. Thats about it for now, so stay tuned!

--Nov 13, 1997