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Teresa's Nifty Pics & Info Page

This is me.  Sexy pose huh? ;o)

These are some of my favorite pictures.  They also represent my freinds online, the ones I've grown both to know and respect in an unwholesome sort of leering way.  My best buddy Will is working on a new Java program that will make this smaller, but for now you'll just have to bear with me and zoom down the page looking at all the nice people. Now about me! I am 31 years old, I have 2 boys ages 13 and 10, I like to walk, talk and chew bubble gum, but try not to do it all at the same time. If you notice in my picture Im a blonde, doing all that at the same time might kill me. LOL(Laughing out loud). I have many friends on the chat I love them all. For now I wont name any names (you know you always have to ask permission before putting peoples names down....dont know why..just some people are funny about that) so as I get there permission I will add more to keep checking back..I have lots to say (believe it or not). Well I have typed long enough for now..Will add more later (this will keep you coming back to see what I have said about you maybe). LOL. welp talk to you all later! Oh!!!! Before I forget I would like to thanks Willosopher, Drewy and DancingDog for allllllllll there help with my web page. If it werent for them, I wouldnt be this far. I would still be nowhere. Thanks you guys I luv Ya all!!!!!

"My Friends":

Here is some Pics &Info on "My Friends": I am trying to get Pics of some of my friends but some are like really stubborn. So I will just have to give you the juice gossip on them (j/k) Let me see first we will talk about Christy, she is the best friend anybody could ever ask for (she is working on a pic) she is also my cyber sister (best sister a girl could ask for) she is married to Shorty and has 3 beautifull children ( I know this because they are her kids) she is 28 yrs old. Oh and before she bitch's me out for not saying (once again) she is madly in love with her husband!! (happy now sis) ok enough about Christy and her family. Opps wait!!! There is more to that family (well not in THAT house) There is Jet, Rambo, Leadfoot, and Tweety.They are Shorty's family. Jet:she is 36yrs old and one hell of a crack up, keeps me laughing all the time..Rambo: well let me see..Im not sure how old he is,he gives the best cyber backrubs around (Thanks hon),then there is Leadfoot: he is17 and my sweetheart (kiss) he has his nick because he needs to learn to slow down while driving (so I have heard)..and Tweety: she is 15yrs old and a very sweet person I like her alot. OK now there is Honey: she is 15 and a very sweet person also (and my cyber mom) she is Christy's neice also. Then on to more friends: Drewy!!!! he is my cyber dad and he is 15. He is a very cool person. CindyReb: she is 34 and about the funniest damn person I have ever met. I just love her to death. Cari: she is 27, she is in love (Im so happy for her), DancingDog: he is 23, he thinks he is just soooo funny (he is but dont tell him I said so) and he is in love also (with Cari of course) they are so cute together. Bidkid: he is ? yrs old ( I will ask and get back to you later on that one) he is a cutie to, and a very good friend. I can talk to him about anything. He is always willing to help where he can. I know I have missed some friends. And I am not finished with this page yet. So to find out who else's is privaledge to be here keep tuning in. You just might see yourself here. I will have pics as soon as I can get these people to send them to me. But for now, I will SHUT UP before I say to much (again) Check everyday because I am adding more and more all the time. Bye now ;o)