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The Bar (2450 bytes)


    The Bar is autohiding application that docks to left or right side of your desktop, and shows up when you move with your mouse to that end of the screen.Functions that you need often and fast,are now just move away and don't interfere with your current work. In upper part you choose from Notes, Fonts,Calendar,Capture and Tender,and in lower part you allways have informations about your computer. The best of all is you can try it for free.

    Read more in further text,or click here for specifications and downloading.

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Picture of Notes Tab (107766 bytes)

Notes of The Bar

You can move to it to write, draw or speak up a short note (on left picture you see the Notes of The Bar containing picture, sound, text, and a user is just drawing a "hallo" message).It includes a file list of your new and old notes, so no dialog boxes are needed to save or open notes. Also drag files to The Bar for fast reading or editing.

Picture of Fonts Tab (90054 bytes)

Fonts List

     Or go to the Fonts part of The Bar,and you'll have a list of all installed fonts , and their names will be written in the same font. When you double click font, you'll see a list of symbols in that font ,and by double clicking you can copy that symbol via clipboard to your editing application (as text), or drawing application (as WMF)

Picture of Reminder (111054 bytes)


            Also you can go to the Reminder, where you can set appointments. You can set annual events directly by double clicking on the calendar, or set appointments for exactly right time, or for everyday routines. The message box will notify you for the event at right time.

capture.jpg (8355 bytes)


          You like the concept of autohiding application, but The Bar don't have the accessory you had in mind ? Now you can add any accessory to The Bar. Just start the application, and go to the Capture Tab. Press Active Window button, and application is append to The Bar,and is fully functional. You can add as many apps as you like. On left picture you can see how CD Player is embedded in the Capture Tab.

        The Bar brings you many things not visible at first sight:

Picture of Kickee (96822 bytes)

Kickee Viewer/Organizer

Drag files to docking edge of The Bar to send them to Kickee Viewer/Organizer. It lets you view and group your multimedia files in same time. Just click on group buttons or keyboard and divide your files. At end drag group buttons to your folders,and choose to copy files or move them. Also you can rename your wave files fast.

Fast Items

Fast Items

You can put any folder, file,or shortcut in Fast Items. You can then access them from system tray to open them, or when Open or Save dialog is active (see the picture), to quickly change to any Fast Items folder,or to open or save to Fast Item file. You have same access for Desktop items. You can also put shortcuts directly in system tray.

Also File Locker Extension

Lock up to 255 files,with you own password, and don't let anyone else view, edit or start your files and applications. All locking and unlocking requires password. All locking and unocking is done by draging files onto The Bar's docking edge,and choosing options form pop-up menu. Protection works even when The Bar application is closed.



Supported platform:
Windows 95/NT 4.0 or later.
Minimum configuration:
If runs Windows 95 is OK.
Recomended configuration:
Pentium processor, 32Mb Ram
Shareware, free for use 40 days
1.4 Mb packed. Msvbvm50.dll not included
        If you don't have it download
Price for registration:
                Only 15$

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Download The Bar 2.0

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