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Nick's Rocko Page

Nick's Unofficial Rocko's Modern Life Page.


This page is under heavy construction.

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Welcome to my Rocko's modern life page. If you've never seen Rocko before, then read on...

Rocko's modern Life is an amazingly funny cartoon shown on Nickelodeon about a wallaby called Rocko (surprisingly enough), who is trying to make a good life for himself and his dog, Spunky, in America. When he isn't being sucked up by monsterous vacuum cleaners or getting fired (it happens every now and then), Rocko enjoys "Jackhammering, building models of the Titanic and is content just spending lots of time on the couch" with his friends, a 600 pound Steer called Heffer and filbert, a hypochondriac turtle.

Rocko Sound Files

...Until our paths cross again...(Heffer from "Bedfellows")

...Ah Spunky, I'm glad that's over...(Rocko from "Bedfellows")

..."Wallaby of the West" (from "The Good, tht Bad and the Wallaby")

...Rocko just misses the big sale in "Rocko's happy sack"

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More to follow......

Season 1

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