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May the suffering ones be suffering free
And the fear struck, fearless be.
May the grieving shed their grief
And may all beings find relief.
My Background
I was born in beautiful Brooklyn, New York in the spring of 1947. My grandparents were all immigrants from Italy. After attending special progress classes in Jr. High School and a rather lackluster performance in H.S., I started college at 16 years old. I was also asked to leave at 16. I worked for a while then entered the U.S. Air Force for 8 years. I spent quite a while traveling in Asia and after a serious excursion into sex, drugs, and rock&roll, became one of the first Drug Counselors in the Air Force. By the time I got out I was ready for school and graduated Summa Cum Laude with a major in Psych. in two and a half years. I got married, had kids, moved to Florida and got my Masters Degree. Currently I am Deputy Clinical Director at the Polk County Juvenile Boot Camp and maintain a private practice in Brandon, Fl.
My Interests
I enjoy my family and friends, my dog Lupo, Fishing, my work, my Offroad truck "The Witch Doctor" (Roads? ROADS?? We doan need no stinkeen roads!!), homebrewing Mead and Beer, reading, body art, Asian Philosophies, and sitting in front of this machine communicating with people around the world. One way to find out about me would be to follow the links below to some of my favorite sites.
Links to important places
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