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The Belvidere Award

The Belvidere Award
Presented to 
For It's Contribution to the Preservation
of South Carolina
The Committee for the Preservation of South Carolina History and Genealogy.

The Belvidere Award will be presented by
The Committee for the Preservation of South Carolina
History and Genealogy.

Sponsored by Genealogy of the French Huguenots of the South Carolina Low Country


1. Helpful and accurate contents of South Carolina Hisory and Genealogy
for Historical and Genealogical Researchers is Most Important. Winning Websites must also be well maintained.

2. Keeping your website organized helps the researcher find what they are looking for, without getting completely lost.

3. We DO NOT recommed Frames becase they can be confusing at best and they seem to take forever to load, so the website would have to be worth waiting for. Have an alternate site for No Frames.

4. Java usually kicks me out so offering an Award to a site that difficult to see is hard. If possible have an alternate site for Non Java.

5. Bigotry, Prejudicial, Violent and Adult-Only Content Simply Are Not Allowed Nor Elligable To Win This Award because Historical or (and) Genealogical information should be available to Everyone.

6. Anyone may Nominate a South Carolina Historical or (and) Genealogical Website or Any Website with South Carolina History and Genealogy whether it be your own or someone elses. Winners may display the Award that is at the top of this page. It will be sent to you by Email.

7. Please DO NOT display our Award unless we have selected the nominated website is a winning pages. The winners have worked very hard and have earned this Award.

8. If you find any winners pages that do not meet the South Carolina Historical or (and) Genealogical Content, please notify me. If a winner has changed the content to something other than contents explained above it is your responsiblity to notify us of your changes and to please remove our Award. We are not responsible for the content of pages that win our Award. Because they may have been changed after winning my Award.

9. Winning Websites please notify me when and if your URL changes so that the links on this page remain valid for Historians or (and) Genealogists.

10. Winning Websites will be posted on Recommended Links Page on our sponsors website under The Belvidere Award. They will be listed by the month in which they have won the Award.

11. Winners must be Websites created by the owner applying for my Awards. History or (and) Genealogy is about helping others without a price unless of course there is no other way of researching.

12. Those that have an alternate language for their pages, please have the English language as well.

After reading the rules of what we look for in an Excellent Homepage. Please fill in all the fields on the Nomination Form. All request for "The Belvidere Award" will go to the Committee for selection. You will be notified by Email within 48 hours of thier answer.

Nomination Form

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Web Site URL:
Web Site Email:

Description Of Web Site:

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