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Descendants of Thomas Palmer

Generation No. 1

 1.  Thomas Palmer.  He married Sarah Saunders.

 Children of Thomas Palmer and Sarah Saunders are:
   2         i. David Palmer.
+ 3        ii. Joseph Palmer, died July 1785.
+ 4       iii. Elizabeth Palmer.
+ 5       iv. John Palmer, born 1715; died 1785.

Generation No. 2

3.  Joseph Palmer  (Thomas) died July 1785.  He married Elizabeth Gendron, daughter of John Gendron and Elizabeth Mazyck.
 Child of Joseph Palmer and Elizabeth Gendron is:
   6        i. Catherine Palmer.  She married Peter Sinkler.

4. Elizabeth Palmer (Thomas). She married (1) Benjamin Walker Bef 1761.  She married (2) Charles Richebourg Bef 1762, son of Rene De Richebourg and Catharine Peyre.

 Child of Elizabeth Palmer and Benjamin Walker is:
   7        i. Bejamin Walker, Jr.  He married Charlotte Cantey.
 Children of Elizabeth Palmer and Charles Richebourg are:
   8        i. Elizabeth Richebourg, born 1762; died 1795.  She married Thomas Palmer 1783.
   9       ii. Catharine Richebourg.  She married O'Neal Gough Stevens.
 10      iii. Charles Richebourg, Jr.

5.  John Palmer  (Thomas) was born 1715, and died 1785.  He married Marianne Gendron, daughter of John Gendron and Elizabeth Mazyck.

 Children of John Palmer and Marianne Gendron are:
 11         i. John Palmer, died January 07, 1817.  He married Ann Cahusac.
 12        ii. Peter Palmer.
 13       iii. Thomas Palmer, died 1811.  He married (1) Harriet Jerman.  He married (2) Amy Amelia Jerman.  He married (3) Elizabeth Richebourg 1783.

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