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Descendants of Isaac Porcher

Generation No. 1

 1.  Isaac Porcher  (Isaac) died 1727.  He married Claude De Cherigny.

 Children of Isaac Porcher and Claude De Cherigny are:
+ 2         i. Pierre Porcher.
   3        ii. Marianne Porcher.  She married Francis Cordes.
+ 4       iii. Isaac Porcher III, died 1781.
   5       iv. Elizabeth Porcher.
   6        v. Madelaine Porcher.
   7       vi. Claude Porcher.

Generation No. 2

 2.  Pierre Porcher  (Isaac, Isaac).  He married Charlotte Marianne Gendron, daughter of Phillipe Gendron and Magdeline Chardon.
 Children of Pierre Porcher and Charlotte Gendron are:
   8         i. Peter (Peter of Peru) Porcher, Sr., died 1781 .  He married Elizabeth Cordes, daugther of Thomas Cordes and Heneietta Catherine Gendron.
   9        ii. Philip (Philip of Oldfield)Porcher, Sr., died 1800.  He married Mary Mazyck.
 10       iii. Elizabeth Porcher, died March 06, 1807.  She married Samuel Cordes, son of Thomas Cordes and Heneietta Catherine Gendron.

 4.  Isaac Porcher III  (Isaac, Isaac) died 1781.  He married Mathra Dupre.

 Child of Isaac Porcher and Mathra Dupre is:
 11         i. Rachael Porcher, born February 06, 1748/49; died December 04, 1782.  She married William Doughty February 22, 1770.

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