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Military Records of The Simons Family and Their Connections
Revolutiouary War
 1. James Bentham, Capt. of S. C.
   Militia in the siege of Charleston, 1780.

 2. Alexander Hume, Lieut. 2nd Reg. S. C. Continentals. 
     Killed at the Siege of Savannah, Oct. 9, 1779, while
     putting the flag of South Carolina on the British

 3. John Hume, aide to Gen. Marion.

 4. John Mayrant, acting Lieut. under Capt. John Paul Jones
     on the Bon Homme Richard at the time of her fight with
     the Serapis. Also served with Comm. Gillon in the South

 5. Daniel Mazyck, Capt. 2nd Reg. S. C. Continentals.
     ( Jasper's Reg. )

 6. Stephen Mazyck, Lieut. 2nd Reg. S. C. Continentals.

 7. William Richardson, Capt. Sth Reg. S. C. Continentals;
     afterwards Colonel and Quartermaster General. Captured
     at Charleston and by letter from Lord Rawdon commended
     to the courtesy of Col. Tarleton, who allowed him to
     go on parole to his home in the High Hills of Santee.

 8. _______ Simons, Lieut., S. C. Continentals.Voluneered
     to go with Marine guard on the American frigate Randolph
     (32 guns), Capt. Nicholas Biddle. Joseph I'oor was Capt.
     of the guard. The Randolph blew up in a fight with
     H.M.S. Yarmouth (64 guns). Only five sailors survived.

 9. _______ Simons, Lieut., killed at the Battle of Eutaw
     Springs, Sept. 8, 1781.

10. James Simons, Capt., in Mayham's Reg. Light Dragoons.
     Eutaw flag bearer. Wounded at Cowpens and Eutaw.

11. John Simons, Lieut., killed at the Battle of Quimby

12. John Simons, Capt., served with Gen. Marion.

13. * Keating Simons, Brigade Maj., 1781; Chief of Staff to
      Gen. Marion.

14. Maurice Simons, Col. with Gen. Marion.

15. Simeon Theus, Capt. 1 st Reg. S. C. Continentals.

      Privates and Non-Commissioned Officers under Gen. Marion

16. Charles Simons.
17. James Simons.
18. Maurice Simons.
19. Peter Simons.
20. Robert Simons.

Seminole War
    Richard Gough Simons.

Mexican War
 1. Edward Simons, Palmetto Reg.

 2. William Simons, killed in action.

Confederate War
(Confederate Army)
 1. Alfred Simons, Lieut., 27th S. C. Infantry Reg.,
    Hagood's Brigade.

 2. Augustus Y. Simons, Cadet, S. C. M. A. (The Citadel).

 3. Benjamin B. Simons, Ashley Dragoons, 3rd S. C. Cavalry
     Reg. (Twin to No. 24).

 4. Charles William Simons, Capt., Quartermaster Dept.

 5. Edward Simons, Marion's Artillery.

 6. * Francis K. Simons, Marion's Artillery.

 7. Grange S. Simons, Capt. in Percival's Co., S. C.

 8. Hume Simons, M.D., Asst. Surgeon, P.A.
  9. I'on Simons, Lieut., Charleston Light Dragoons;
      Ferguson's Light Artillery, Army of Tennessee.

10. James Simons, Brig. Gen., Commanding 4th Brigade
      S. C. Militia. In command on Morris Island during first
      attack on Fort Sumter, April 12, 1861.

11. James Simons, 1 st Lieut., Bachman's Battery of Light
      Artillery, Hampton's Legion.

l2. James E. Simons, Treas. Dept., C. S. A.; Bat. Local
     Defense, Richmond.

13. John H. Simons, Marion's Artillery.

14. Keating Simons, Capt., S. C. Cavalry; Afterwards Eng.

15. Keating Lewis Simons, Capt., Quartermaster Dept.

16. Lewis E. Simons, Capt. Keating Simons' S. C. Cavalry.
      (Twin to No. 20.)

17. Manning Simons, Co. B, German Artillery, Baehman's

18. R. Bentham Simons I volunteered early in 1861 for
      state service with the Rutledge Mounted Rifles and did
      active duty. In 1 862 he enlisted in the Confederate
      States Army and saw active duty as guidon, Palmetto
      Guard Siege Train. He was transferred to the Engineer 1864 and at the close of the war surrendered in
      North Carolina.
19. S. Wragg Simons, Charleston Light Dragoons, 4th S. C.

20. Sedgwick Simons, Maj. on staff of Gen. J. H. Trapier.
      (Twin to No. 16. )

21. T. Grange Simon II, Marion's Artillery.

22. T Grange Simons III, First Sgt., Co. B (Washington
      Light Inf.).

23. Thos. Y. Simons, Capt., 27th S. C. Inf. Reg., Hagood's

24. Thos. Y. Simons, Ashley Dragoons, 3rd S. C. Cavalry
      Reg. (Twin to No. 3.)

25. Wm. Lucas Simons I, volunteered August 2, 1861, at
      the age of sixteen for state service with the Carolina
      Light Infantry and did active duty. In 1862 he enlisted
      in the Confederate States Army and saw active duty in
      the Washington Light Infantry. On January 15, 1865, he
      was captured at Fort hisher, N. C., taken to Elmira
      Prison, and later exchanged as being one not expected to
      live or to be of further service.

26. Wm. W. Simons, Cadet, S. C. M. A. Saw action at
      Pocataligo, Tullifinny Bridge and elsewhere.
      Thirty-eight others unaccounted for.

(References: Charleston Yearbook, 1893; Gregg's History of
the Old Cheraws; Pay Indents of the Revolution.)

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