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The PIMP Foundation!

We were all brought here for one reason. The reason being, the PIMPing lifestyle. Many non-believers would love to see us and our exclusive way of life become extinct like their pitiful lives because they say a PIMP's life is the worst type of life anybody could live. We as PIMPs cannot let this happen. If you are a real PIMP you know it is embedded within you to continue our unique heritage. Are YOU noble enough to defend it? I really hope you are! If you are not, you are just an uncle tom marinated in cowardice trying to be real like us PIMPs. We don't need you, never have, and we never will!

This foundation of ours is designed for the benefit and pleasure of all career PIMPs. The career PIMP lives by a rigid code of self-discipline and silence which projects an image of subdued composure in the face of the constant stresses and threats on himself and his workers. The codes, the rules, and the attitudes of PIMPing MUST be passed along to young PIMPs, who if imaginative will discover something new and cunning to add to the PIMP way of life. This foundation is such a vehicle. This is our haven. This is a place where a PIMP can exchange ways and means of acquiring more because, No One PIMP Can PIMP The World! Collectively, that task will be attained. Without a strong foundation we all WILL fall!

The History Of PIMPING!

The history of pimping will never be found in any history book in any library. The truth is that the pimping book was written in the minds of proud slick blacks "freed" from slavery. They were sick of picking the white man's cotton and kissing his nasty ass. The slavery days stuck in their skulls. They went to the big cities and got smart fast. Those black heroes saw that the white man was still ramming it into the finest black women for free. The women didn't know any better, so they allowed themselves to be fucked for free. They were not wise to the amount of money they had between their legs. Those first black pimps schooled those women to the fact that they had a gold mine that all white men want. Those black pimps told them to stick out their hands first for his money before any action takes place. Those pimps were blessed with pure intelligence. They wrote the skull book on pimping!

Thank You Pimp God!

I would like to thank the PIMP God for all the playa prophets that he sent. I would like to thank him for all the PIMPS and Playas for helping them to dot their I's, cross their T's, pop the P's and flex their G's. The PIMP God chose us to come into this world to change, rearrange, and to lace the suckers and anti-playas with the game he has blessed us with. The PIMP God said that just because you meet a hoe and she wears a jersey that say champion and eats a bowl of wheaties that doesn't make her a winner. Will she sell her lips, hips and fingertips for you? Will you tear down doors and knock out the anti-playas for your money? Will you go the distance? Will you be the one with the checkered flag in your hand? The PIMP God said that 9/10ths of our law is possession and also 9/10ths of our game is position. He also said that everything is done on the approach. The PIMP God said that he would send the world a group of playas, not ordinary playas but extraordinary playas to keep the PIMP way of life constantly evolving. This group of extraordinary playas will be despised and rejected by the non-believers and the suckers. That is why the PIMP God blessed us with the PIMP commandments.

I. Thou shall not snitch.
II. Thou shall not infiltrate.
III. Thou shall not perpetrate.
IV. Thou shall not playa hate.
V. Thou shall not hoe trust.
VI. Thou shall not hoe say.
VII. Thou shall not pay a trick.
VIII. Thou shall not disrespect the game.
IX. Thou shall not be broke.
X. Thou shall not be without their necessities.

The State Of The Pimps Address!

My Playa Pimps, we are in a literal state of emergency! I have seen this with my very own eyes. I have seen hoes choose who they want to be with. I have also seen hoes call the shots, telling their pimps where and when to get their possesions without the fear of retaliation. Pimps, what's really going on? Look deep within yourself and ask yourself, am I pimping by the book? By the condition of the world today, you're not. The main question is, what will you do about it? Will you bow down to the sucker world and turn in your playa card? Will you then fall in love and live happily ever after? What are you going to do? I know what I would do if I were you. I would get off my ass, get back on my feet and pimp my ass off. I would also do this to make them come correct, I would give them a chin check, make them hit the deck, and collect my check! It's the law of land! The gift of the game was not given to us to be used carelessly and end right here. It must continue!
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