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The Real Riker

Hello... I 'am' The Real Riker, many of you know me from SUBSPACE, the exciting InterNet Game that I regularly enjoy nightly, some of you know me from other means. I come in Peace. I hope you will enjoy this Webpage, and that you'll let me know what you think as it grows.

"Rikers ViewScreen"
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Here it is... the most amazing FREE InterNet Game in the World! Meet People from all over the World and KILL them, what better way to influence people and make friends? You can play for FREE as a DEMO user or if you like the game you can purchase the Registered Version for under thirty bucks! Demos can play all the time for FREE too. Many different Game Boards, hundreds of people playing 24-7. Click on this link and download the game for FREE and begin playing today! Look for ME "The Real Riker" or "The Real Worf" or "The Real Picard", become a "Real" all you have to do is be a "The Real ________" Star Trek Person, Place or Thing, but you have to have the Registered Version to pick a name. Check it out as a Demo for as long as you like. See you there! Raise Shields! Arm Photon Torpedos!

Remember... We Play the VIE "CHAOS EAST" Zone.

Other Members of "The Real StarFleet" Subspace Squad

The Real Picard
He's Not Like Any Other Guy! My BEST Friend And Captain.

The Real Worf
A Mean Klingon if Pissed but a Hell of a Nice Guy! He's one to have at your
side in Battle for sure, especially if it's a Nice Day to Die!

The Real Spock
For a Vulcan He's Quite the Guy! Sure Loves the J12 Quadrant!

William Coleman Jr.
Virginia Beach, Virginia
United States, EARTH

People Have Visited This Website Including "YOU"! Thanks for Beaming Aboard!