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Name: Amelia Wil Tesla Sailoon (also spelled Ameria, numerous multiple spellings for last name)
Nicknames: Champion of Justice (self named)
Age: 15
Blood type: O
Hair Color: Black/Purple
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 1.47m (4'10")
Hometown: Saillune (also spelled Seyruun)
Voice Actress's: Masami Suzuki (subtitled), Veronica Taylor and Joani Baker (dubbed)
Strengths: Justice speeches, doing good acts, pacifism, magic
Weakness: Doing evil, jumping from high places, inexperience with in the world, wears rose colored glasses to the world.
Motto: "I shall crush you with the Hammer of Justice!"
Equipment: Nothing notable, except maybe her great skill at pointing her finger at villans.

Yes, Ms. Amelia Wil Tesla Saillune. Yep yep. Where do I begin? I think being an anti-Zel&Amelia, I automatically dislike her. Yep yep. But onwards!

Amelia is a Champion of Justice, along with her father, Philionel el de Saillune. It's a little hard for her to distinguish good from evil though. It really all depends on where you stand, that's life for ya. Amelia likes to stand on anything high to give her justice speeches, I think for the dramatic effect it has. She usually ends up falling though, because she's a klutz, but hey, she can bounce back really well. Probably stamina.
Yes, much to my chagrin, she likes Zelgadis. Beats the crap out of me why a pacifist-Champ-of-Justice-princess would want someone who thinks it's a compliment to be called a Heartless Mystical Swordsman. It boggles the mind. Nevertheless, she likes Zel, and Zel, being who he is, is standofish about her subtle advances. Amelia, unlike Lina and Zel, does not carry a weapon with her, mostly because of the pacifist that she is. But also, she uses moves like pacifist crush using her fist. A lot of people dislike Amelia because: 1. She likes Zel, 2. Veronica Taylor's VA work with her made her out to be extremely whiney, and 3. She's a Champion of Justice, for the most part is opposite of Lina's thinking.

Amelia does use magic, her specialty is White Magic, though she tried to get Lina to teach her the Dragon Slave. She has also mastered Shamanist Spirit Magic, which is no small feat mastering 2 magic catagories. Her most powerful spell, I believe, is the Ra Tilt, a Shamanist offensive spell. She is extremely important to the group in that she has a vast array of spells to cast, going between white, black and shamanistic magic when needed. Unless Sylphiel is in the group, Amelia is usually the designated healer, and she backs up Zel with her Shamanist magic.