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Angry? Lina's Furious Dragon Slave!


The first episode in the series, it is an introduction to our two main character's, Lina and Gourry.

Ahh yes, being a bandit means you can kick back and enjoy the good life. At least, that's what the "Dragon Fangs" thought, before the sorceress Lina Inverse comes to crash their party! While their leader tries to escape, Lina joyfully fries him with a fire ball. Ms. Inverse destroys the bandit's home, and most of the bandits too, so she helps herself to a little bit of their treasure.

As Lina walks along she comes with the realizations that "I'm not alone. I know I'm being followed. Just because I helped myself to a little of their treasure. Now they're just never going to leave me alone." So she turns to confront her followers. And out comes a ratty looking guy with an eyepatch who decides not to fight her, then tries to seduce her into their gang, all the while several men are posed for attack. Lina tells the guy to "Get lost, you creep!". The gang surrounds her and starts to attack her when - all the suddent a blonde haired guy shows up telling them to leave her alone. This swordsman defeats the guys and turns to Lina only to find that she is a toothpick of a girl, and not the "lucious babe" he thought he was rescuing.

Mistaking Lina for a little kid, he is 'convinced' by Lina to go with him to Atlas City. But before they do, they head to town so the swordsman can get Lina some lollypops. On their way to town, he introduces himself as Gourry, a mercenary. As they order we see that both Lina and Gourry have HUGE appetites, they order 12 dishes apiece. After they eat a small man introducing himself as the village elder comes to their table. He asks if she is the bandit killer, and Dragon Spooker, Lina Inverse. When she tells him that she is, Gourry is shocked. The whole time Gourry mistook Lina's outfit for a school uniform. When Lina asks the elder why she called her a Dragon Spooker, he explained that a Dragon Spooker means "Dragon will step clear out of revoltion". Gourry has to grab a chair that she is going to beat the elder with. What a temper.

The elder then explains that a gang of guys called the "Dragon Fangs" were terrorizing the town. Lina informs the elder that they were no problem anymore. The elder then runs off rejoicing about how she freed them of the Black Dragon. Much to Lina's chagrin, she explains to Gourry she didn't know they had a Dragon, so the Dragon is just running around loose. As soon as that's out in the open, the dragon fly's overhead, shattering wood, windows, and whatever else it can. The elder runs back in and starts screaming at Lina. They then make an agreement for Lina to destroy the Dragon for 25 gold pieces. ("Pay it, or this place is a lumberyard." - Lina)

They run outside the resturant, just in time because the place colapses right after they leave. As they get up a hill, Lina is surprised by the size of the dragon, and the elder explains the boss of the Dragon Fangs got the dragon at a festival for 2 bronze pieces and raised it as a pet. The Dragon then breathes fire, and Lina and Gourry run, the elder get's fried. ("He looks a little burnt out." - Lina) Lina fires a fireball at the dragon, which has no effect on him. Lina get's ready to leave, but Gourry attacks the Dragon, which has no effect except him getting kicked onto Lina. As the dragon looms near, Lina is pinned under Gourry, unable to get up. The Dragon prepares to put his foot on them when *whammy* he get's a wierd look at steps over them, much to their surprise and shock. I guess Lina really is a Dragon Spooker. Lina then has Gourry distract the Dragon while she casts her mighty spell, "The Dragon Slave", which blows apart most of the town. As the elder wakes up, she asks him for the money, but instead is run out of time.