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Bad! Mummy men aren't my type!

The adventures of Lina and Gourry continue in the second episode. The firey teen who throws fire balls instead of tantrums, and Gourry, who and sling swords, and is dumber than the people he fights. In this episode the mysterious Zelgadis makes his appearance in an attempt to recover a stolen item.

As two lone, strange, figures peer out over the reckage that Lina caused, they talk about her skill. One, wrapped in bandages, swears he will make her pay for what she did to him. In flashback we see him at the bandits hideout getting shot by Lina with a flare arrow. The other, a blue skinned man, tells him they must recover an item.

Lina and Gourry, in another town, find a magic shop, but before going in, Lina decides to do a little "Treasure transformation", so Gourry waits inside the shop. In an abandoned building (looks to be a shrine, or something of spiritual nature) she sorts through her treasure of an old dagger with a wierd spell, an Orihalcon statue, old coins, rubies, and small gems. Taking some small flawed ruby gems, 1 unflawed ruby gem, and casting a few spells (2 spells, and using a potion) she creates a magical amulet. Then decides to create a few more. Gourry, in the meantime, get's tired.

When Lina comes into the shop, the shopkeeper evaulates the amulet and decides that it was of good quality. When he looks at the dagger, something overcomes him and he starts to attack Gourry and Lina. ("I'll take this sword and I'll take your life!" - shopkeeper) It's then that Lina realizes the swords spell, and Gourry is shocked. "You were just going to sell that dangerous thing to him??" - Gourry "Yes Gourry, that was my plan." - Lina. After a bit Lina and Gourry are able to make it outside while the crazed shopkeeper is still after them. Gourry asks if she can cast a spell, but Lina decides not to, and so Gourry has to get the dagger away from the shopkeeper. "Well there's only one way I know how. RUN FOR IT!!!" - Gourry, but Lina holds him back. Just as they are ready to go face to face, the shopkeepers wife opens the window and scares the spell right out of him. "There you are! I turn my back on you for one minute and you're off goofing around. Don't you uh-oh me. You get back in that shop or I'll use that knife on you myself!" - Shopkeeper's Wife. Lina decides that "...a wife like that must be stronger than a spell."

Lina and Gourry are next seen on the road, where Lina starts complaining about the lack of her selling her stuff, and the fact they forgot to eat. A quick trip to a local stream clears that up. Lina catches some fish, and they eat. Lina eats the whole fish, Gourry some. After Lina berates him for not eating all of it, he explains that you catch fish with worms (their worms have some darn big eyes) and that the fish eat the worms, and the worms go into the stomach, so you eat the worm too. Lina doesn't feel too good, and get's rid of her fish quickly (i.e. she throws up).

The next scene is in an Inn where Lina and Gourry are...eating! Lina explains that she caught the fish by using a original magic spell, and says anyone can learn 1 spell. Then they are interupted by the Zolf, the bandaged guy, and some nasty looking trolls. As one troll tries to catch Lina, she slides under him, and starts casting spells on all the trolls. Lina instructs Gourry to scratch them, so he does. Now naturally Trolls can heal themselves, but the spell Lina casted sort of reversed that power, which sucked them inside themselves. Just then Zolfget's another troll to attack her.  She stabs him with a sword, but instead of her releasing him, he holds the sword in. Just as Lina is about to be killed, she casts "Digger Bolt" which is a lightening spell, and fries the troll. She then starts to cast a fireball, when Zolf and the remaining trolls run out. Gourry, thinking it was a fireball, hits the deck, but Lina throws it into the air and explains that it was just a light spell. Lina wezeles her way out of paying for the damages to the Inn, and they talk about the trolls. Just as they finish talking, a knock is heard at the door, and the blue-skinned man stands outside the door saying "I would like to make a purchase".