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Crash! Red, White, And Suspicious All Over!

The blue skinned man, as follwed in Bad! Mummy Men Aren't my Type!, knocks on her door asking to make a purchase, he says that he will pay any price.  After assuring her that he knows Gourry is there, and that he knows what Lina will do, she let's him in. As he walks in, Zolf, mumm man, walks in behind him ("Well well well, there's a familiar eye." - Lina), and the man explains that Zolf is his servant. He wants one of the objects that she got when she ran into the "Dragon Fangs". Though he won't tell her what it is (she may raise the prices too high, or want to keep it for examination), and then he explains that Zolf was about to get the item from the "Dragon Fangs" when Lina showed up and wrecked the plan. she lists the items, then sets the price.

Scratch the jewels and the coins, and leave the cursed knife and the Orihalcon statue. For the cursed knife, the price is 12 million!! It's only 12 times the street value. Needless to say they're all in shock. ("The price is...12 MILLION! I knew you guys would do that. You make all these promises then decide not to pay. Either pay up or shut up." - Lina) However the price for the Orihalcon is a bit diffrent. It's only 30 million! ("A bargain!" - Lina) The man nearly freaks out as he explains she could buy a fully furnished castle, with servants, for that price. So she cuts the price down to 15 million. The man is unable to pay all of it, but offers to pay 1 million, and if she joined up with them, he could pay her 2 or 3 times her asking price. ("90 million?!" - Gourry and Zolf) Lina thinks about it, then refuses his offer. ("You see, you're the kind I'd rather die than join up with the likes of." - Lina) The man then leaves, promising to take the item by force. Before the door closes, he tells her his name, Zelgadis. Lina assures Gourry that they won't attack them while in the Inn, so they go to sleep.

The next day, while catching a ride on a hay cart, Lina explains to Gourry that it's one of those two items, the cursed knife with a cheap spell to make it sharp and cause the user to go crazy ("Good for bandits, bad for shopkeeper's" - Lina) and that the Orihalcon statue can be used as a spirit beacon for souls traveling on an astral plane. Of course, that information is good to us only, because Gourry has fallen asleep and thus is subject to a beating for falling asleep when she was serious.

After thanking the hay guy for the ride, they walk into a forest where she tells him that the forest is the best place to be attacked. And they are. By a bunch of berzerkers, and so they fight. In the end it turns out Gourry was left to fight off most of them while Lina stopped and admired the day, and Gourry didn't like that. While Lina argues to spend more time in the sunshine, Gourry reminds her that they have to get to the next town before sundown. After telling her to go and grabbing her wrist, he finds that she was really injured in the battle. Berating himself for calling her lazy while she was hurt, Lina tells him she's ok and starts to cast a healing spell. Gourry doesn't buy it, so he picks her up, and, kicking and screaming, walks to the next town.

The next scene is Lina in a bed complaining about how Gourry is thick-headed. Then she hears something. An old man and 2 trolls burst into her room, but she is not there. Instead she is sitting on the door frame ("*ahem* Don't you knock?" - Lina), then slips backwards, and fires off a fireball, closing the door quickly. As the boom goes off, Gourry runs up. Explaining the situation to him, she admits she doesn't know who she killed. The door opens, and it turns out no one was killed. Lina and Gourry defend themselves the best they can, but the odds looked rough.

Suddenly a strange mist enters the room, and the old man and trolls look like they're in a trance. Lina tells Gourry that it's a mind control spell, but she's not powerful enough to put them all under the spell. Then a strange man appears. He explains that the men must have been sent by Zelgadis, and tells a tale that Zelgadis is a person of true evil, a being that is 1/3 golem, 1/3 demon, and 1/3 human, and that he wishes to revive the Dark Lord, Shabrinigdo. After revealing himself as Rezo, the Red Priest, Lina begs to take care of the item Zelgadis is after. After some hesitation, Rezo agrees, and tells her he will be watching her. He repairs Lina's room with a spell, then disappears. Lina, after looking amazed at her room, and trying to explain to Gourry what Rezo did to the room, goes to sleep in Gourry's room, in case someone else decides to come after them. She wonders who Rezo really is, if he's the man he says he is. If he is Rezo, then he is one of the 5 wise men, born blind from death, unlike the other wise men, and also unlike them, his name is villanous sounding. Lina is also concerned with this Zelgadis, who is out to resurrect Shabrinigdo.