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Dash! Run For It! My Magic Doesn't Work?!

It starts off a rather normal day for Lina and Gourry. Breakfast. Lina contemplates the things she's gotten into (i.e. Zelgadis, Rezo, etc.) while Gourry chows down unaware of the dangers that were revealed to them. Lina and Gourry get into a conversation of Shabrinidgo, seeing as how Gourry knows nothing of Shabrinigdo, Lina tells him who he is.

When the world was young, it was round, and flat, like a frisbee, but with a staff thrust in the middle of it. Pretty much a pre-Christopher Columbus world. A war of gods was being waged near the edge of the world, a war between good and bad. Finally Shabrinigdo was cut into 7 pieces and buryed around the world. But since Shabriginido's power was so strong, he didn't die.

After breakfast, the duo head out of the town. As they walk along, Lina tells Gourry that she's going to stick near him, because her magic won't work, beyond a light spell, for a few days. Gourry figures that it's "That time of the month", and Lina is shocked. She demands that he tell her how he knows about "That time of the month" ("I don't know much, but I do know that."- Gourry "Well when we have a minute, you can tell me everything you know, but first tell me how you know about 'that time of the month'!"-Lina) Gourry explains that when he was young, there was a fortune teller who would have to stop telling fortune's, when he asks her to tell him what 'that time of the month' means, she is surprised that he knows what it is, but doesn't understand the true meaning. Then Zelgadis shows up, and they get serious.

As they start talk, a half troll/half wolf shows up, and accidently tells them the Orihalcon statue is the wanted item. Thenthe old man from the previous night. Lina swears that they will never see the light of day again, and then she prepares her attack. "Goooooooooo...get them Gourry!" -Lina. After they recover from the shock, both the Troll/wolf, and the old man attack Gourry. Zelgadis goes after Lina. Gourry holds off the two guys good enough, but Lina asses's that Zelgadis is a better fighter than she is. He is able to speed in front of her and knee her extremely hard, to where she flips over and lands heavily against a tree. As Zelgadis comes up, he explains that all of her pain could have been avoided if she had just given them the statue. Just as Zel is preparing to kill her, Lina casts a spell, which really ends up being a light spell, that makes Zelgadis blind for a few seconds. As she speeds off, she knows she has to get away.

Finally she ends up by a lake. Zelgadis appears behind her, she tries to cast a Flare Arrow, but fails. She starts to run away again, but Zelgadis catches her with a Shadow Snap. Luckily for her, it can be rid of with a light spell (since it would make her shadow go away). As she spins out, and turns around, Zelgadis is once again standing there, and grabs her shoulder with a MonoBolt. The spell is so strong she passes out, and a monologue of Lina talking is heard. ("Wake up Lina!" - Lina) Things do not look hopeful for Lina.