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Escape! Noonsa, the Flaming Fish Man!

An episode aptly named. We meet the 1 episode character, Noonsa.

Lina wakes up, feeling awful. She is tied by her wrists to a point in the ceiling. When she realizes she's in an abandoned church, and that Gourry was not with them, she is a little relieved. Zelgadis asks why she used weak magic, and when she skirted around the topic, he realized that it was 'that time of the month', then tells Zolf he can do whatever he wants, but he can't kill her.. So Zolf goes to get her, and she promptly gives him a swift kick to his face.

We see Gourry in a town, during all this, looking for Lina. Gourry mistakes her for someone else, which is very Gourry, and the girl calls him a pervert and smacks him down. When he goes into a tavern, he asks the bartender if he's seen Lina, and the bartender says he hasn't, and gives him a wine glass (filled with..milk!) and tells him not to worry. Finally Gourry figures out that Lina was kidnapped, and he's happy, till he remembers that kidnapping is bad. Oh so very bad.

When Zolf asks her where the Orihalcon statue is, she tells him. "The Orihalcon is *mumble*.."-Lina "It's where?"-Zolf "I said: "The Orihalcon statue is..*Mumble*"-Lina *Zolf scoots up to her ear* "What did you say?"-Zolf "I said...AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!"-Lina Zolf goes tumbling backwards into a pile of debris. To make most of the scene short, Zolf nags Lina, and Lina decides to get him back. Zolf finally calls Noonsa to come out. As Noonsa appears, we see him to be a giant fish with human arms and legs. Lina totally freaks out and starts screaming. Noonsa in the meantime kisses her (i.e. puts her head in his mouth. "Wow, suck face!" Zolf and Dugier, the Wolf/Troll). The scene ends with Zolf stuffing a cloth in her mouth, and him starting to insult her.

Zelgadis in the meantime, has a nightmare where he appears to be human. Rezo comes up to him and engulfs him with robes, and changes him into a chimera. Zelgadis wakes up shaky, sweating, and scared. We see Lina, Zolf and Rodimus asleep, until Zelgadis comes behind her. He tells her to be quiet then cuts the rope that was holding her to the ceiling. When Lina tries to tell Zelgadis he did it because he 'fell in love with her', he just stares, and she is a momentarily disappointed.

As Lina and Zelgadis walk, she tries to get Zelgadis to talk, which is not very easy. They end up stopping at a lake for something to drink, and Lina realizes that Zelgadis is worried. Just as they are getting ready to walk off, something comes up and takes Lina underwater. It ends up being Noonsa, who wants to get together with Lina, which is not in Lina's thoughts. "Great, a flounder with feeling's."-Lina. He starts to charge her, she dodges, and he comes back.  This attacking goes on until it seems Lina can no longer go without air. (See, even anime characters have to breath.) Zelgadis in the meantime creates a bubble (with the spell RayWing), and goes under water. Just as Lina is about to give up, Zelgadis appears and let's her into the bubble. When Noonsa see's them, he charges, Zelgadis takes himself and Lina out of the bubble, and put's Noonsa into the bubble. He then casts a fireball and really fries Noonsa.

After that underwater adventure, they really start moving. After awhile, Lina figures that Zelgadis is sort of working for her. She slaps him on the back, then shakes her hand in pain(his skin is made out of stone), and Zelgadis admits that she is odd and he finally laughs. As they are getting ready to start walking again, Rezo the Red Priest shows up.