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Focus! Rezo's the Real Enemy!

This episode picks directly off from the last one, Escape! Noonsa, The Flaiming Fishman.

Rezo asks Zelgadis if he is betraying him after he turned him into a chimera, and Lina is amazed. ("You two are...on the same side?!"-Lina) Zelgadis becomes angry. Rezo and Zelgadis prepare to fight. As Lina tries to scoot away, Zelgadis grabs her. Rezo asks if Zelgadis is going to use her as a shield, and Zelgadis says that it wouldn't work if he did that. Instead he throws Lina at Rezo, and Rezo moves aside.  As he does, Zelgadis runs past him at lightning speed, much to an amazed Rezo. We see Lina speeding through a forest, and she finally hits a tree, saying my favorite line (for no particular reason) ("Koala"-Lina). Zelgadis grabs her off the tree, and flies into the air, spreading a great amount of fire balls at the woods where Rezo is. When they land, Zelgadis keeps running, with Lina in his arms. The area starts to burn, and Rezo stops it slowly. He is a little mad, but he appears to enjoy Zelgadis's attempt at getting away. Zelgadis and Lina run run run till they reach a safe distance.

Dougier finds that Lina got away, and is terribly mad. He then smells a snack, and get's mad. When he finds out what he smells in Noonsa, he's very sad, and starts crying, giving an speech about him. "Now he's a lunch special!"-Dougier He swears to avenge Noonsa, and Rezo appears and tells Dougier to find and kill Zelgadis, whom they brand as a traitor. In the meantime, Dougier's force has been eating Noonsa. "You ate him! You ate him all!"-Dougier And there is only bones left of him.

Next we see Lina and Zelgadis stopped at a waterfall and stream. They decide to get some sleep, and Zelgadis advises her not to run away. After reassuring him that she can't use all her magic, they start talking about Rezo. Lina recalls what Rezo said about Zelgadis and realizes that Rezo was lying. Zelgadis explains that Rezo is after the Philosopher's Stone. Lina is shocked. Zelgadis explains that the stone is inside the Orihalcon statue.

Gourry, in the meantime, is still hunting for Lina throught he whole night. He takes the Orihalcon statue out and looks at it, then puts it away.

Back to Zelgadis and Lina, Lina, in a monologue, explains that the stone is a piece of the Staff of the Gods, and it magnify's a magic user's power. Whenever it has shown up in history, it has made a great impact on the world. She asks him what Rezo wants to do with the stone. Zelgadis explains that Rezo is trying to cure his blindness, which no magic has been able to do yet. She realizes the whole Shabrinigdo bit was a lie. She asks him why he wants to kill Rezo, and he explains that when he was younger (14), he wished for great power, and Rezo granted him that power by turning him into a chimera. ("I was a fool not to realize the meaning of those words"-Zelgadis) He also tells Lina, after she asks how he knows Rezo, that Rezo is both his grandfather, and great grandfather. Then they try to go asleep. Then something disturbs a bunch of crows.

Gourry is fishing wishing Lina was there so that he could get some fish.

"Hi Dougier, sorry I had to escape, but it's really nice of you to come and say hello!"-Lina. Dougier then tells Zelgadis he is now a traitor, then sends the trolls after them.

Gourry is disgusted by raw fish, and wished Lina was there to cook them.

Lina escapes by slipping away. Zelgadis unleashes a Stone Spiker, causing the trolls to be impaled upon great spikes of stone. Dougier escapes a spike, and comes down to fight Zelgadis. Zelgadis pushes Lina away, and they start to fight. Lina has her hands full with a troll, and they take of running. ("Why do I always get stuck with the trolls?"-Lina) A flash of Zelgadis and Dougier fighting, as Dougier slashes a few of the spikes, and they rain down upon Zelgadis. Finally Lina puts her cape on his head, and casts a sleep spell, or something of the like. When she becomes real proud of this, a giant crash is heard, and she runs back the where the guys are fighting.  She arrives to see Zelgadis and Dougier, with Zelgadis's sword in Dougier's shoulder, but since Dougier is half troll, he repairs himself. As Zelgadis prepares to do an overhead attack, he leaves his stomach open, and Dougier attacks him there. But Dougier's sword becomes cracked, and Zelgadis reminds him that only the Sword of Light will cut his skin, which is made out of stone. Dougier runs away, and Lina congratulates him on his victory.

As they look around, they decide that it's no good staying where they are, because Rezo will be able to find them. Since Zelgadis has no place to go, they start out for Atlas City, where they will meet up with Gourry.