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Give Up? But, Just Before We Do, The Sure Kill Sword Appears!


Direct continuation from "Focus! Rezo's the Real Enemy!"

The next time they are seeing, Lina is fishing, and has a huge pile of fish. Just as they are about to sit down to cook them, a bunch of Trolls show up, and make Lina really mad, she wishes they would go away, and Zelgadis tells her she can miss a meal. She doesn't like that.

Gourry in the forest looking for Lina disturbs a giant beast, whom he get's rid of by knocking off half of the beast's tooth.

She attempts a fireball, to see if her powers are back, and she succesfully toasts the whole group. Then looks for lunch. Zelgadis points to it, and Lina is extremely sad. It seems when she toasted the trolls, she toasted the pile of fish as well. Then the berzerkers show up, and she freaks out. "Ahh! Would you just get lost!"

Rezo, in a dark room, summons a deamon before him, and asks him to kill Zelgadis, and to get the statue. After the deamon assures that he can 'play' with Zelgadis, he leaves. Rezo is happy.

In a town, Lina is complaining that they were in a ghost town, and that they were always attacked. Zelgadis explains that because Rezo created his body, it was probably the body that was letting the people track them. As Lina figures this out, she calls out to whomever is there, and Dougier and many ugly beasts pop out from everywhere. As Dougier begins to tell Zel he can't fight them all, Lina corrects him. She create's a fireball, then Zelgadis reminds her there will be a fight ahead, and so she creates another type of a fireball (one that uses less of her power), and destroy's a bit over a half of the attackers. Lina and Zelgadis divide up. No one chases Lina, they all go after Zelgadis.

The monster shows up and Lina casts a fireball on him. He elevates up and misses it, but she 'recalls' the fireball, and it turns around, hitting the man. She realizes what he really is, a monster, and they begin fighting. He tells her that she'll live if Lina tells him where the statue is. She refuses, and he attacks her.

Meantime, Zelgadis leads Dougier and company into an empty house.  Dougier realizes that it's a trap, and at that moment casts a spell on them that collaspes the house.

Lina tries another spell, which has no effect, and the monster attacks her. Suddenly someone cuts down the attacking arrows. Gourry is here! After the monster asks Gourry where it is, and Gourry shows him, he tries to attack the monster. Right before he attacks the monster, Lina grabs him by the hair, and drags him across the town. The monster encourages them to run, and laughs as they run away.

Zelgadis fights some more people.

Gourry and Lina in a barn, talk about the monster. It seems that monsters, pure-bred, don't have real bodies, but spirit bodies, which means that a sword won't work, neither will magic. Lina explains to Gourry that the monster wanted the statue so he could get the philosopher's stone. As he tells her that she's strong, and she get's ready to pound him, the barn blows up, and they are forced out to face the monster.

Zelgadis fights some more. Then Zolf and Rodimus show up.

Gourry tells Lina to distract them, and she casts a flare arrow. Gourry attacks and slices him in half. As the monster hits him with 'extendable fingers', he jumps away. The monster compliments them, and then turns into his true form. They talk about the monster's real look.

Dougier becomes happy that it's 3 against one. Rodimus then goes over to Zelgadis and expresses his gladness at finding Zelgadis. Dougier is shocked, and Rodimus explains that his allegience is to Zelgadis. He then stabs Dougier with his axe, and Dougier falls. Zolf walks up and does a flare arrow on him, and then Dougier dies. Zelgadis, Zolf, and Rodimus are glad that they are momentarily safe.

After being attacked by the monster, Gourry walks up to the monster, he takes out a pin. He explains he couldn't hurt him with the pin. Then he takes out the blade of the sword with the pin. The monster and Lina agree Gourry is crazy. Then, just as Lina is about to cast the Dragon Slave, Gourry cries out "Light come forth!" and a blade of light appears, and Gourry cuts the monster in half. The monster blows up. Lina explains: "The sword of light!" and then tries to get the sword from Gourry. She then tries to buy it at street market value, and Gourry refuses, and tells her it's a family heirloom. Then Zelgadis, Zolf and Rodimus appear. Gourry almost attacks them, but then Lina tells Gourry that they are on the same side now. Gourry is confused, and Lina tries to get the sword again.

Lina does a small monlogue, saying that though they may have won that battle, there would be more to come, and that they couldn't relax too much.