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Help! Shabrinigdo is Reborn!


Lina finishes her story of the past few days to the others before dinner. Of course, Lina shockes the others with how much she really talks. ("If you guys have any questions..." -Lina) Zelgadis then asks Gourry for the Philosopher's Stone, and Gourry refuses, and tells them they'll get it with as much luck as Rezo will. They are about to beat the crap outta Gourry, but Lina tells them to calm down. Then the food arrives, and Lina nearly kills herself eating so fast. Gourry mutters something about her stomach is going to be bigger than her chest ("If you keep eating like that, you're stomach's going to be bigger than your bust." -Gourry), and Lina doesn't like that, and throws her fork which lands solidly in the table, while Gourry and Zelgadis freak out.

After dinner, Lina says she wants to relax in bed, but Zolf warns her that she shouldn't get too comfy with Rezo about to attack at any time. Throwing a comment over her shoulder, Lina accidenly runs into a little boy, knocking him to the ground. After Lina is assured he's ok, she warns him to be careful of where he's going, and suddenly the child turns into stone! A eye hovers above, and sends an image of Rezo to stand behind the boy. The fake Rezo wants the Philosopher's Stone, and when asked what would pay for it, he says that the "The lives of the people in this village." should pay for it. If Lina doesn't agree to those terms, everyone in the village would be turned into stone. The fake Rezo also tells Lina if she wishes to talk to him in person, that she can come to his Tower, "Zelgadis knows the way." Zelgadis curses and throws a dagger at the eye, and it shatters into thousands of gilltering pieces, which shower down on the group, and the boy is turned back to flesh, and Lina urges him to go home, and he runs off.

The group spends the night in preparation for the next day. Rodimus meditates alone in his room. Zelgadis practices sword fighting, diligently. Zolf thinks about the events, noting that there's a bad moon out. Gourry practices listening to Lina in his sleep. And Lina stares at the statue, thinking to herself, sneezes, and shivers. The next day travel to Rezo's tower, whic Zelgadis says is about a thousand years old. In shock, Lina recalls that about a thousand years ago Shabranigdo was reborn, leading to the War of Monsters' Resurrection. Then they see the tower.

The tower is empty, but in fair condition, with a staircase going up. As they enter the tower, Lina calls out to Rezo, telling him that she brought the statue. Another vision of Rezo appears, telling them that he is unable to meet with them, but Lina insist, and the vision tells them to join him upstairs. The vision disappears, and they are left with a much more decayed tower than what they originall saw.  The staircases lead up farther than they can see. Instead of climbing ("That's going to be a pain to climb." -Lina), Lina and Zelgadis cast Levitation spells.  Zelgadis takes Zolf and Rodimus, while Lina takes the scared Gourry up. When Gourry asks how he can fall, Lina tells him "Only if you let go." and he starts freaking out, and accidently grabs her, and she starts kicking him, while he clings to her. When they make it up to the top, and land, Gourry is screaming ("Help me help me, I'm falling, I'm falling! Help me! Save me!"), and Lina kicks him off. Zelgadis notices she was blushing, and she screams at him.

They walk into Rezo's chamber, finding a long table, with candlebra's lined up, and Rezo sitting in a chair at the opposite end. Lina takes the Orihalconstatue, and says she'll give it to him if he gives her some answers. "What are you really after?", she first asks, and Rezo responds that he wants to see again, and that he would explain more, but they wouldn't understand him. Lina next asks why Rezo didn't just tell her the truth when they first met, and why he sent Dougear and others, instead getting it himself. Everyone now wants to know why.

Lina asks if Rezo made a dealwith the race of Monsters that he would resurrect Shabranigdo, the Dark Lord of the Monster race, in exchange for his sight, and all her companions are shocked. ("Shabranigo?! He's that main monster guy!!!" -Gourry) Rezo applauds, "Brilliant! A brilliant case of deduction!" he tells them all that it's exactly as she said. Everyone is shocked, even Lina ("I was just kidding, I didn't think that it was really true. Life's too big to handle sometimes." -Lina) But now that they know that, Lina won't give Rezo the Orihalcon statue. Rezo then casts a spell that overtakes Zelgadis and forces Zelgadis to attack Lina and company. The 'puppet' Zelgadis smacks the statue out of Lina's hand, and Rezo takes it, and instructs Zelgadis to 'play' with them, then he runs away. Gourry tries a run to chase Rezo, but Zelgadis stops him.

Begging for Zelgadis to give him time, Rezo runs up the steps into a room with a giant pre-prepared magic circle. He throws the statue into the air, and destroys the statue surrounding the Philosopher's Stone, thus freeing it for use. Pointing his staff at the floating Stone, he calls on it's power, and energy sparks out into the Magic Circle on the floor.

Lina has realized that Zelgadiss will block the door upstairs until the spell releases him. Lina casts Diem Wing, a barrage of wind, at Zelgadis, knocking him into a wall, then to the ground, she then knees him in the stomach (hey, he did it to her), and then Zelgadis wakes up. Lina doesn't know this, so she elbow smashes him in the head. Everyone rushes over to Zelgadis, and Lina comments that Rezo probably pre-programmed his body so that he, Rezo, could control him. Then she urges them to go after Rezo before he can do anything.

They rush up to the roof, to find that Rezo has already begun the spell. Rezo screams in pain, but the wind continues. Zolf thinks that he failed, but Lina disagrees ("The power in the room is still growing" -Lina) Rezo continues to scream in agony. Rezo's eyes open to show that they are a glowing blood red color. Suddenly Lina realizes that the tower was not where Shabranigdo was sealed, but that Shabranigdo was sealed within the eyes of Rezo!