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Name: Lina Inverse (Also spelled Rina in Italian)
Nicknames: Dragon Spooker, Bandit Killer, Little Girl
Age: 15 in Slayers Special, 16 at the beginning of the TV series.
Blood type: A
Hair Color: Red/Brown
Eye Color: Red
Height: About 1.55m (about 5'1")
Hometown: Zefielia
Voice Actress's: Megumi Hayashibara (subtitled), Lisa Ortiz (dubbed).
Strengths: Black Magic, swordsmanship, fast eating, large stomach capacity
Weakness: Food, magic and body insults
Motto: "Let's eat!"
Equipment: Sword, various magic items, magical talisman to boost power, magic proof headband.

Lina has a stomach that just won't quit, and a chest that just won't start. Lina's your typical redhead, say something to piss her off, or just annoy her in any way, and be prepared to take a fireball, if you're lucky. She may be rude, and inconsiderate, but she'll never betray you, and never let you die (I'm expecting her to whip out a resurrection spell sometime, I really am). Lina is also very knowledgeable about legend's, towns, and magic that she hasn't mastered. It's something that is very helpful in her travels. Why does Lina fight? For power, for money, for fame, for the best dinner in the world!

She's top dog for her magic, save for that of her sister Luna Inverse. Lina's magic primarily is in the domain of Black Magic, and a bit of White and Shamanistic Magic too. Her most powerful attacks are the Dragon Slave, which is the most powerful 'common' spell in Black Magic. As for uncommon Black Magic spell, Ragna (Laguna) Blade is darn powerful, as it has about the same effects as a sword of light, but it's a spell, not an actual sword.. Her absolute most powerful spell is the Giga Slave, wherein she is possessed by the Lord of Nightmares. If the spell goes wrong, well, it won't really matter because everyone will be dead.

Traveling Companions
Lina's traveling companions differ depending on the series. In Slayers Special/Movies she had the company of Naga the White Serpent, her rival(or at least, that's what Naga says). They traveled the world together, as the Ghostbusters of evil (if you have money). In Slayers TV (Which consists of Slayers, Try, etc.) she meets up first with Gourry Gabriev, Zelgadis Greywers, and Amelia W.T. Sailoon. Filia Ul Copt, etc. etc. etc.