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Stolen, err I mean borrowed from Anime Universe


Lord of Nightmares - Dark Golden Lord, mother of all and nothing, she exsists in all planes.
Dragon King Ceiphied - Superior Dragon-God, Shabrinigdo's counterpart, commands the Dragon Lords, also called Cepheid the Flare Dragon God.
Dragon King Volfied - Not a god of Lina's world, same standing as Ceiphied, also called Volfeid the Night Dragon God.
Evil Lords:
Lord of Darkness Ruby Eyed Shabrinigdo - Superior to all Mazoku, the big daddy boss man, command the High Mazoku
Dark Star - Not of Lina's world, he is akin to Shabrinigdo in his standing to his plane, younger brother to Shabrinigdo aka Duguradigudo
Death Fog - Same as Dark Star, not of Lina's world, same level as Shabrinigdo in his plane.
Chaotic Blue - Same as Dark Star and Death Fog, I won't repeat. ^_^
Dragon Lords:
Suiryuoh The Water Dragon King - AkA Auntie Aqua and Laguladia. Keeper of the Claire Bible. She protects the North.
Karyuoh The Fire Dragon King - He protects the East. The shrine Filia worpships at is a shrine to him aka Vulabazard.
Chiryuoh The Earth Dragon King - He protects the South, aka Lanngourt
Tenryuoh The Sky Dragon King - He protects the West aka Barluwin
Armace, not of Lina's world, subordinate of Volfied
High Mazoku (Demons):
Chaos-Dragon King Gaav - He loves war! Has several minions working under him.
Hellmaster Fibrizo - Has command over the dead
Deep-Sea Dolphin - Resides in the Demon Sea, subordinate of Shabrinigdo
Dynast Grauscherra - Resides near the North Pole, subordinate of Shabrinigdo
Greater Beast Zelas-Metallium - Resides on Wolf Pack Island, subordinate of Shabrinigdo, superior to Xellos
Joylock - From Slayers: The Motion Picture. Not sure if he's a High Mazoku or just a Mazoku, but he is pretty darn powerful.
Race of Dragons (Ryuzoku):
Filia ul Copt - Golden Dragon
Valgav - Ancient Dragon aka Var Agares
Milgasia - Golden Dragon, servant of Suiryouh, King of the Gold Dragons
Saijoro - Leader of the Golden Dragons where Filia resides.
Race of Demons (Mazoku):
Xellos Metallium - Do I really need to tell you about Xellos? Ok ok, Xellos is the Priest and General for Zelas Metallium.
Sherra - Dynast Grauscherra's General
Grau - Dynast Grauscherra's Priest
Rashart - General of Gaav
Raltark - Priest of Gaav
Seygram - Mazoku under Gaav, had defected from Zelas-Metallium
Kanzel - Another Mazoku under Gaav
Mazenda - Another Mazoku under Gaav. Mazenda and Kanzel were working together when first seen in Slayers.
Zazan - A demon who meets up with Lina at a most inopportune time.
Zeigram - Minion of Fibrizo
Zorom - The first demon we see in Slayers.
Noteworthy individuals:
Luna Inverse - Lina's sister, and general of Cephied. A piece of Cephied is locked away inside her. Never seen, always feared by Lina.


A bit more on Shabrinigdo (pictured left) and Ceiphied (right). They're the head honchos of the world, but they can be destroyed. Both the Dragon King Ceiphied, and Evil Lord Ruby Eyed Shabrinigdo, are the superiors of everyone but the Lord of Nightmares, and each have direct 5 subordinates each of whom represents an element. Currently in Lina's world, Shabrinigdo has 5/7 pieces left, and Ceiphied is still tired. Both have their underlings, the High Mazoku and the Dragon Lords

A bit more on Dragons. There are several types of dragons. Right now, the top of the dragon-chain are the Golden Dragons. For those that have watched, Filia is a Golden Dragon, who can shape changed between human and dragon. Spoiler (highlight to see spoiler) ~ Filia is also currently the only Golden Dragon left in the world. Along with her, Valgov is the last Ancient Dragon, who is a small child right now. The Golden Dragons were at war with the Ancient Dragons, and the Ancient Dragons were all killed, save Valgov. ~ End spoiler