The Slayers Timeline

The bare necessities. You don't need to know every little thing.

Lina beats the Dragon Fangs, a bandit group
Gourry and Lina meet, and Gourry decides to help her
Gourry and Lina agree to help a small town get rid of the Dragon Fang's pet dragon, for a small fee.
Zelgadis is on the track of Lina.
Lina and Gourry are attacked by a man enchanted, not good.
Zelgadis tries to track down the statue, is unable to.
Zelgadis meets Lina, tries to get the Orihalcon statue.
Lina is captured by Zelgadis.
Gourry has the statue.

More to come, it's sketchy, but it's here. ^_^
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