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YKYLSTMW - You Know You Like Slayers Too Much When...

1. When you dream yourself into the Slayers World.
2. When you think "Next time I'll Dragon Slave his butt...."
3. When you seriously think of dressing like Slyhpiel for the next fanfaire.
4. When you ask your parents for a sword of light for your birthday.
5. When paying for a $50 piece of plastic with Lina on it is an O.K. thing
6. When you see someone at a buffet and they're eating a lot, and you think "Lina can eat more"
7. When you start browsing Slayer sites in the middle of class.
8. You think that Gourry is better looking than that guy at the mall.
9. You scourage the web for Slayer yaoi, and are seriously disappointed not to find any updated ones.
10. You write a YKYLSTMW.