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Name: Zelgadis Greywers
Nicknames: Zelgadis Greywords, Zerugadisu Gureiwaaz, Zel, Blue skinned guy
Age: 18
Bloood type: AB
Hair Color: Purple/Blue
Eye Color: Blue
175cm (5'11)
Voice Actors: Midorikawa Hikaru(subtitled), Dan Cronin (vol. 1-4), Crispin Freeman (vol. 6-8) (dubbed).
Strength: Swordsmanship, Shamanistic magic
Weakness: Mention of Rezo, his Chimera status
Motto: "I will find a cure for this body"
Equipment: Magic Sword

I'd have to say that next to Xellos, Zel is the show's hearththrob. A little background on Zel, he's a Chimera, which is why he has blue skin, his hair is like steel, and his family is wierd. ^_^ Notably, his grandfather/great grandfather is Rezo.

Chimera Man
Zelgadis was turned into a chimera by Rezo. Zelgadis reallllly hates being a chimera. In my opinion it's a pretty decent bod if you ask me. Why? He's 1/3 Golem, 1/3 Blue Demon (where he gets his speed from) and 1/3 Human. He was turned this way in his youth, and has been searching for a cure ever since, as he hates his body. He'll get the cure by any means necessary. And I do mean *any*. Why was he turned into a chimera? When he was younger he thirsted for power, and Rezo asked him if he wanted, and said "You will be transformed", though at that age, Zel realize his intent and agreed.

Zelgadis isn't actually shy, he just doesn't like being around people, he'd prefer to be by himself. This comes back to the fact he's chimera, and he thinks people consider him a freak. He hangs around Lina a lot because they go out looking for the same things, things for Lina that are sellable or that have great spell knowledge, for Zel because they may cure him.

Zel's specialty is Shamanistic magic, the highest level spell he knows is the Ra-Tilt, but he has a large arsenal of spells that he uses. He's a great spell caster, of course, he's descended from Rezo, so it's in the blood. ^_^


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