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From May 11 to May 19, 1998, I traveled to Mutsu City, Japan, on a delegation to my hometown's sister city. It was SO COOL!!

>> Days ONE and TWO of my trip
>> Days THREE and FOUR
>> Day FIVE
>> Day SIX
>> Day SEVEN
>> Day EIGHT
>> Day NINE (incomplete)

> Why we went; the members of the group
> Scanned maps and pictures of Mutsu from pamphlets

Excess stuff
(Note: this page is not yet complete, but there are a lot of cool
pictures scattered around the journals. I will eventually put up a
seperate picture page. :)

Japanese words, phrases, and stuff

My observations about Japanese culture

How I became interested in Japan (or: Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon)

My Japanese penpal, Masatoshi!


All is well!
This means "all is well, the future is bright" (or something :)

Since June 8, 1998

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All journals on this page were written and copyrighted by myself, and all pictures were taken by me as well (except for the ones that I'm in, which someone else obviously took.) Do not steal, please, I worked hard.

If you want to ask me more questions aout Japan, the trip, or stuff in general, email me!
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