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I have now mirrored this site at

Quixote's Bike Pages

so if you're in the UK, or near European, you might be better off there.

(Apologies in advance for when you hit the multitude of missing links)

(And I don't just mean the one's out walking their dogs on your favourite stretch of singletrack)

Devon, and Dartmoor in particular, has off-road riding to suit all tastes and abilities...from boring shitey monotonous flat trails on not too scaaaarey pancake bridleway fit for nothing but ramblers, family groups and ball-snapping switch back arse on the back tyre dropped off rootsy gnarly look out for that branch shit ow adrenalined whoopy singletrack stuff.

Look, I know this isn't the best site you'll ever see, but I'm trying, OK. What are you doing sat in front of a monitor anyway? Just get out and RIDE !.

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