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Pocono Mountain Class of 69 Reunion

           Dear fellow members of the Pocono Mountain Class of 69

           On October 23,1999  Our last reunion of the "Millennium" was held at 
           "The Landing" located at the Tobyhanna Army Depot.

           The reunion committee had managed to contact 86 of our fellow 
           classmates of whom 36 did not reply to the invitations, 17 replied
           they were not able to attend, 4 replied they were coming, but were
           not able to attend, 17 who replied they could not attend and 8
           invitations that were returned undeliverable, giving us a total of
           53 that attended. 

           Mr. Robert Lane, Mr. Charles Anderson and Mr. Lester Dyson were
           our guest of honor, the D.J. "Mega Hertz" Mark Provided us with
           some great music from the 50s,60s, and 70s. After a great dinner a
           short speech was given by our class president Al Kerrick,introducing
           our guest of honor and thanking everyone who had a hand in bringing
           this class reunion together.

           If you were in the class of 69 and did not recieve an invitation
           or know of anyone that did not recieve one please forward any 
           information that you may have to the e-mail below. If you did attend
           the reunion celebration and have any comments we would like to here 
           from you! We want to thank everyone for their support that made this 
           1999 reunion a great one to remember! 

           2004? is right arround the corner, Let us know if your address changes
           Keep In touch!

           The Pocono Mountain Class of 69 Reunion Committee 


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