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Paul & Marty's Roadmap to Marriage via the K1 Visa

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My fiancee Marty whom I love dearly, and has been the source of the strength through difficult moments and times when this whole thing seemed like climbing Mnt Everest equipped with only pair of Bermuda shorts and some sunglasses.

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I (Paul) am a natural born UK Citizen marrying (Marty) a natural born US Citizen and therefore the details contained here will be biased towards the experiences from this viewpoint. However, most of what is here will hopefully be helpful to others wherever you are from. Below is the short timeline, click on the link in the Action column for full details.

K1 Visa Timeline for UK to USA Fiancee VISA  Application

Date Action Remarks
Oct 97 We met!! We met via the Internet back in October 97 purely by chance. A chance that was so remote that I still have not come to terms with the odds and perhaps never will
Dec 97 We spoke The time had to come when we needed to put voices to faces as things were beginning to gel.
Jan 98 We knew!! We both knew that we had to proceed with this relationship beyond friendship, something had/was happening.
Feb 14th I flew to USA We had to meet so I jumped on a plane from London to fly to Albuquerque on Valentine's Day
Feb 17th Decision Time We knew we were looking at the future and this future needed to be together. We decided to make our relationship permanent.
******* Getting things done. The time now was spent getting documents and stuff together, finding out what needed to be done. G-325 was sent to me to fill in and return etc. This is where the headache starts...
******* UK Info OK so we want to be together as soon as possible. I need to start the ball rolling in the UK. Contact the US Embassy get an advanced pack of forms. Get the Police Check done etc.
Mar 9th I-129F and stuff The whole pack was sent to Texas INS Service Centre by Air Express and arrived the following day. (10th). Now starts the big wait!!
Mar 10th Confirmed Delivery US Postal Service Confirm delivery of package to Texas INS Centre in Mesquite
Mar 19th Notification Of Receipt Texas INS sent a postal notice of receipt giving the receipt date of Mar 13th and estimating 30 - 40 days to process. Note: We received separate case numbers for the I-129F and the I-824.
Mar 23rd US Embassy sent part 1 of the UK85 Pack Sent of the OF 230 -I, OF156 x2 and the OF 156 Supplement, along with a covering letter giving the case numbers issued by Texas Ins for the I-129F and the I-824.
April 3rd US Embassy sent part 2 of the UK85 Pack Sent the signed checklist required in part two with a covering letter confirming that all documents required were in my possesion and outlining the validity of our application.
April 6th Marty Flys in Marty has flown in to the UK for a week. Whoopeee!
April 10th INS Approved Application Texas Service Centre written approval arrived. A day I/we shall not forget. So at this time processing is 30 days.
April 12th Marty Flys out. A sad day as my beloved leaves to go back to the US. Marty checked with immigration at Dallas Fort Worth my POE regarding issue of an EAD. It seems I will get one here.
April 16th Receive Date for Interview at US Embassy Letter from the US Embassy giving me a case number, instructions on when to attend the interview and medical, a medical history form and the bank paying in slip for the 30 Visa fee.
May 7th Interview at US Embassy This was it...the moment I had been waiting for the K1 Visa approval. Click On Link for full story.
June 1st Leave for USA British Airways Flight BA2193 takes me to a new life and a new wife.
June 1st Arrive POE Dallas Fort Worth What happens at the Port Of Entry and the EAD saga.
July 25th Were getting Married The wedding will be held in Albuquerque in a small but pleasant Hacienda in the foothills of the Sandia Mountains.

This page was last updated on 05/16/98.

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