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Barkin,' scratchin,' Frisbee catchin,'
Presidential pets
Hunter: "That's us"

Change into the canines who drive
Souped up cars and jets
Colleen: "Comin' through"

Tuchus sniffin,' toilet sippin,'
Soarin' through the sky
Exile: "I like it"

Lickin', droolin,' quick refuelin'
Who says dogs can't fly?
Blitz: "Not me"

Speedin,' crashin', villian smashin'
Vehicles explode
Road Rovers: "Oooh"

Chasin,' racin' down the road
Road Rovers!

Hunter is a hero hound
Leader of the pack
Hunter: "Huh, cool"

Colleen comes from London Town
Watch her feet attack
Colleen: "Hiya!"

Exile's from Siberia
With super frozen sight
Exile: "That's me"

Blitz chew on posterior
His bark's worse then his bite
Blitz: "Im perfect"

Shag is strong from head to toe
A coward through and through
Shag: "Ruff, ruff ruff"

Muzzle's stack is gonna' blow
He's short a screw or two
Muzzle: "Uhh, uhh"

They fight for right both day and night
In every episode
Hunter: "Let's roll"

Now it's time to hit the road

Road Rovers!

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I've got an idea for an Road Rovers episode. You can look at it if you want (okay, let me put it this way: I want you to look at it) I call it A Blast From the Past.
If you have an idea for an episode, E-mail it to me, and I'll post it here.
If at all possable, E-mail ideas in text format.

Here's a story that I wrote.

And what would this page be without an image of Shag?
Thanks to "Richard /"Wierd boy/" Cannon" for pointing that out

Episode Guide

4/12/97, SHOW #12: "Reigning Cats & Dogs"

4/19/97, SHOW #1: "Let's Hit the Road"

4/26/97, SHOW #2: "Storm From the Pacific"

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