*Sigh* When is he ever going to go back to his shorts?!?!!?
Slamming Joey Abs.
Walking down to the ring, in his hot looking clothes.
Squirming away from Joey Abs.
Standing, hands on hips, looking at the ring
Run speed Test, run speed Test, run speed Test, ruuu-uuuun!!!
Telling JJ what he did to Cindy whats-her-face is wrong.
Smiling while walking away from the ring with Steph-Mac
Oh my.. I can get *very* used to this shirt! =)
Hey, hey, hey!  He wants a tag!
Holding hands with Steph.
Being interviewed by the Rooster.
Going to the ring with his tag partner.
Oh my.. that tux is *nasty!*  Apparently Andrew thinks so too.. heh
Lordy... he looks absolutely handsome in that tux!
The expression on his face is priceless!
Test and Steph laughing
Looking at magazines with Stephy.
Talking to Steph.
A beautiful upclose shot of Andrew..
Head down, being interviewed by Michael Hayez.
Closer shot of him being interviewed.
Hand on chin.
Getting thrown by Rodney..
A, um.. eehhh, expression on his face.
Just about the same as above, 'cept his mouth is closed.
Um.. look above, but this time his eyes are closed and his head is tilted down.
Head tilted, eyes open.
Far shot of him sitting next to Hayez.
He just looks like a giant cuddly teddy bear...
Heh.. Andreeew, we can all see up your shorts..!!!
Looking hot in a white Bad Bones t-shirt
Nice and buff baby, yeah!
This picture is... it just makes me speechless!
He looks so tired and sweaty..
Sitting in the sun, wearing shorts and working on his tan..
Getting dressed on Raw..
Walking down to the ring with a giant.. trash can.
Front view.
A shot of him and his opponent for the night.
Walking around backstage with his Nike bag..
In his see-through shirt, ooohhh!
Back in his corporate days with the Rock.
Shane-O raising his hand.
Coming down to the ring and looking handsome.=)
Hugging a hurt Shane.
A shot below of him standing on the turnbuckle.
A similar shot of the one of him coming to the ring.
Walking down the hall while holding hands with Steph.
Another shot of the two.
On the mic.  (They should let him be on it more often, dontcha think?!)
Raising his arms.
A beautiful shot...
He looks so cute in this shot!(What else is new?? ;)
Smiling at Steph.
Going to the ring, arm in arm with Steph.
Ringside with Steph.
Looking down at guess who.
Hand in hand (?)
In the ring, looking handsome.
A closer shot of Steph going to the ring with Andrew.
Up close, on the mic, a smile forming on his face.
Smiling that cute, teddy bear smile of his.
Coming to the ring on SD.
Yelling at the Posse, who's trying to distract him.
A really great shot.
A little different than the shot above.
A yummy-licious shot!
Pulling his hair back in frustration.
Looking angelic.
Looking down at D'Lo, concerned.
A sorta shot of him looking angelic/concerned.
Shaking Shane's hand.
Being interviewed by Michael Hayes (as usual)
Looking hot, as usual!
Coming down to the ring. (Yaaay!)
Hitting Triple H in the corner.
Awww.. so cute!
Getting dressed for his main event match.
Approaching Hunter...
Standing in the backround while VinnyMac yells at Hunter.
Looking *very* tired.
A different shot of him coming to the ring.
Really, really, bloody. (Poor Andrew...)
A little different from the shot above.
Sitting down looking up at the Rock.
Getting checked by a medic.
Standing in the backround with Steph while Shane talks to the camera..
A little bit closer than the shot above.
Looking at the gift Luna's given to Steph and him..
Standing on the turnbuckle, raising his arms.
Coming down the ramp...
Nice closeup. =)
Shot of him raising his arms up, with his name on the bottom of the screen.
Talking with Luna.
See above.
Playing the new Wrestlemanie 2000 video game. (He looks so cute while playing VG.. =)
Closer shot.
Sitting in a chair, watching Shane-O on the phone
Arm being raised by Shane.. (Whatta handsome winner he is, too...)
Talking to Shane..
Coming to the ring.. an.. expression on his face..
Coming down the ramp with Shane..
Standing outside with the McMahons.
A brighter shot of him and Shane coming down the ramp
Test & Shane McMahon
Reaching out for Shane to tag 'im..
When I saw this picture, my jaw dropped... such a gorgeous shot!
Looking toward the ramp, an angry expression on his face.
Coming down the ramp...
A semi-close shot of him with his name on the bottom..
Hands on hips, while Stephy talks to 'im..
Heading down to the ring, eyes glancing over to the side.
Sitting down on a couch, next to his ex-fiance.
Walking out from backstage, in his *new* shirt. =)
Shaking VinnyMac's hand.
Standing up, looking angry.
Another shot of him in his new shirt.
Looking sleepy.
Looking *mi-ghty* angry.
Glancing over to the side, still looking a bit angry.
He was a bit angry that week, wasn't he?
Eyes closed, wearing that silly new nose protector.
Coming down to the ring on the holiday Raw.
I can imagine how he sounds wearing this thing when he talks..
Is he embarrassed wearing this thing on national tv?  (I know I would be..)
Running down the ramp.
Talking to his ex-fiance.
"You gotta be kidding me!"
Talking to Tori.
Toys 'R Us promo photo.
Making his way down to the ring on Smackdown.
Being held while Triple H while X-Pac hits him.  =\
Coming down to the ring without the nose protector!
A stern expression on his handsome face.
Coming down the ring *with* the nose protector.
Doing what he has been doing for weeks now.. coming down to the ring!
Closer shot.
Bloody nose..  =\
Your *new* Hardcore Champion!
Does he have trouble breathing in this thing?
Profile shot of him with the protector on.
Laying down on the mat.
Heading down the ramp.
Standing in the ring with his NEW t-shirt.
Heading down the ramp with his belt.
Looking at Stevie Richards, who is extending his hand in friendship.
Attacking Bossman.
Choking Gangrel.
Yelling at Luna
Talking on a payphone while beating up Gangrel
Pointing at Luna
Slamming Luna down on the back of a pickup truck
In the corner, punching Chris Benoit
Striding down the ramp, taking his shirt off.... Yum!
Look... he's turned blue!
On the floor after being pinned by Elro.. err.. Crash Holly.
Looking cool in his shades. :)
Holding up his belt.
Isn't he just a handsome fella?
Putting a trash can over Crash's head.
Throwing Crash over the barricade.
Throwing Crash over his back.. er sumptin...

Wedding Photos