Fan Fiction

On this page you'll find Fan Fiction written by my friends Goddess, Sharra, and I.  There's 4 stories so far, and they may be more.  Remember now everyone, the contents in these stories never really happened, and well.. I'm glad some parts didn't!  Goddess and I are included in all the stories, and Sharra is included in the first one since she helped write it! =)  Enjoy them and if you have any comments, e-mail me! Also note.. 'Heart of Darkness' and 'Off With His Tongue' contain licking. Yes licking.  So if the thought of tongues bothers you.. leave now!  =) Just a warning you know.. and 'Controlled Fate' has a tiny little itty bitty kissing scene between Goddess and.. no wait, read the story and find out! =P

Rating - PG.  Starring - Undertaker(Mark), Test(Andrew), Droz, X-Pac, Kane, Midian, Bradshaw, Faarooq.
Two Freaks, A Goddess and the Lord of Darkness.
Written by Jen, Sharra and Ashlee

Rating - PG, Starring - Test(Andrew), Bradshaw, Faarooq, Midian, Undertaker(Mark), Paul Bearer, Droz, Kane, Shamrock, Edge(Adam), Steve Austin, Shane.
Controlled Fate
Written by Jen and Ashlee

Rating - PG 13.  Starring - Test(Andrew), Undertaker(Mark), Shane, Paul Bearer, Ken Shamrock.
Heart of Darkness
Written by Jen and Ashlee

Rating - G. Starring - Droz, Prince Albert, Edge(Adam), Test(Andrew), Christian(Jason), Undertaker(Mark), X-Pac(Sean), Road Dogg(Jesse), Kane, Shane.
Off With His Tongue!
Written by Jen and Ashlee

Rating - PG 13.  Starring - Chris Jericho, Shane, Test(Andrew), Edge(Adam), Joey Abs.
Written by Jen and Ashlee

Rating - PG.  Starring - Kane, Undertaker.
Written by Jen and Ashlee

Rating - PG 13.  Starring - Bossman, Shane, Undertaker(Mark), Al Snow.
Friends in Dark Places
Written by Jen and Ashlee

Rating - PG 13.  Starring - Stevie Richards, Triple H(Hunter),  Chris Jericho, Test(Andrew), Joey Abs, Undertaker(Mark), Edge(Adam).
Be Careful What You Wish For
Written by Jen and Ashlee

Rating - PG 13. Starring - Test(Andrew), Shawn Michaels, Shane, Edge(Adam), Chris Jericho, Joey Abs, Stevie Richards, Triple H(Hunter).
Written by Jen and Ashlee

Rating - PG 15(I suppose! =P). Starring - Test(Andrew), Stevie Richards, Joey Abs, Shane, Undertaker(Mark), Rodney, Pete Gas, Paul Bearer, Chris Jericho.
The Unlikely Couple
Written by Ashlee

Rating - R(I guess..). Starring - Test(Andrew), Edge(Adam), Christian(Jason), Undertaker(Mark), Shane, Joey Abs, Rodney, Pete Gas, Stevie Richards, Triple H(Hunter), X-Pac, Road Dogg, Billy Gunn.
Will They Ever Give Up?(NOT FINISHED!)
Written by Ashlee

The following story is NOT wrestling related at all.  It's a story my good friend Jen (a different Jen from the one above!)from Utah has written.  All events are fictional (although I wish they weren't!) and all credit goes to her!  I just added and fixed a few things.  Any comments, send to Jen.

Rating - PG 13. Starring - The band members of Orgy, KoRn and Coal Chamber.
An Experience to Remember
Written by Jen.