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Naveed cover
  • Singles in order released:
    1. The Birdman
    2. Starseed
    3. Hope
    4. Supersatellite
      - no video was recorded for this song (to my knowledge)
    5. Naveed

  • Tracks on album:
    1. The Birdman
    2. Supersatellite
    3. Starseed
    4. Hope
    5. Naveed
    6. Dirty Walls
    7. Denied
    8. Is It Safe?
    9. Julia
    10. Under Zenith
    11. Neon Crossing

    Clumsy cover
    • Released in Canada in January 1997 on Sony Music Entertainment and in the US in March on Columbia Records
    • Took 7 months to record
    • First single, Superman's Dead was a big hit on both sides of the border
      - 2 videos were recorded for it - one for Canada, one for the States
    • Music by Mike Turner / Raine Maida / Arnold Lanni / Jeremy Taggart
    • Words by Raine Maida
    • Produced, Recorded and Mixed by Arnold Lanni at Arnyard Studios
  • Singles in order released:
    1. Supermans Dead
    2. Clumsy
    3. Automatic Flowers
      - it wasn't intended to be on the album
      - it was added on only when Sony wanted the album to have 11 tracks instead of 10
      - the video was directed by the band
    4. Carnival
      - no video was recorded for this song
    5. 4am

  • Tracks on album:
    1. Supermans Dead
    2. Automatic Flowers
    3. Carnival
    4. Big Dumb Rocket
    5. 4am
    6. Shaking
    7. Clumsy
    8. Hello Oskar
    9. Let You Down
    10. The Story of 100 Aisles
    11. Car Crash

    Happiness... Is Not A Fish That You Can Catch
    Happiness cover
    • Released in Canada September 1999 on Sony Music Entertainment and in the US on Columbia Records
    • First single, One Man Army
    • Video recorded for OMA, same for both Canada and the US
    • Took 4 months to record
    • A 5th member, Jamie Edwards, joined for more instrumentals on the album, mainly keyboard
    • Happiness... sold over 40,000 albums in the first week of release and debuted at #1 on the Canadian Soundscans, beating out other bands like NIN and Chris Cornell.
    • Produced by Arnold Lanni and recorded at Arnyard Studios (Toronto, Canada) by Arnold Lanni & Angelo Caruso
    • Keyboards & additional guitars: Jamie Edwards
      Additional drums on "Stealing Babies": Elvin Jones
      Outro on "Thief": Mina Kim, Joe Kim, C. Kreviazuk, and Jeremy
  • Singles in order released:
    1. One Man Army
    2. Is Anybody Home?

  • Tracks on album:
    1. One Man Army
    2. Happiness and the Fish
    3. Potato Girl
    4. Blister
    5. Is Anybody Home?
    6. Waited
    7. Thief
    8. Lying Awake
    9. Annie
    10. Consequence of Laughing
    11. Stealing Babies
    *Know more about any of these albums? Please e-mail and inform me. Thanx

    Out of Here
    • released in 1992 as a single
    • an independent video was recorded for it
    • never recorded for an album

  • "Trapeze" and "Home" were songs recorded for the Clumsy album, but were not put on because the band felt that they didn't fit in with the theme of the album
  • Trapeze has been performed live, however it may someday be released as a b-side or on thier next album (which didn't happen as the next album is out, hopefully they will release it some day).