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Savage Garden
"Mama never loved her much and Daddy never keeps in touch. That's why she shy's away from human affection. But somewhere in a private place, she packs her bag for outer space...and now she's waiting for the right kind of piolet to come...and she'll say to him.... I will fly you to the Moon and Back, if you be...if you be my baby yeah!" Welcome to my Savage Garden Page, where Daniel and Darren are the "King's of the World!!!"

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Savage Garden

I wait in the darkness, frozen winds so by my the cover of darkness I can make beleive... it's you. I feel you like the rain, I feel you like a storm cloud building in my heart. I wonder if you know the pain to want the one thing that you haven't got
Welcome to my "Savage" page devoted to getting to know Daniel and Darren better (notice how Daniel's name comes first...ha ha:) This site is all about the little facts that you may not know about the Australian duo. To keep this page up, I need your help. I'm asking for all Savage Fans to unite together and lets get as much information about Savage Garden as we can. If you know any little facts, stories, or anyhting like that I want to hear about it so that I can post it on the page A.S.A.P. If you know any "Savage" facts please e mail me and I"ll add them to the site (giving you the credit of course.) Also, if you know any other catagories that you want to see added to the page, feel free to send my any suggestions..I'll open for new ideas! My e amil is Thanks! And stay Savage!

NEWS (January 21, 1999)

It's confirmed! Savage Garden will be doing a song for the new Diane Keaton film..."The Other Sister." The song is called 'The Animal Song" and the single is set to be released in February--and the album for the movie in March.

Daniel Jones


July 22, 1973




height-6 feet






Meg Ryan-Wants her to be his friend



Ham and Pinapple Pizza

Time Out Chocolate Bars


Channel `5 and Fendi

Long, slim arms on a woman (Thanks, Michelle!)

Taking his jet-ski for a ride! (Dale, Rolfe

Chewing gum as he is on stage

Singing along with Darren on Stage (Thanks, Julie!)


"I would like to say a big thank you to my family. Mum, Dad, Oliver, and Jonathan, thank you so much. Michelle. I love you. Umm...and everyone out there in radio who listened and gave us a shot. Thank you so much." ~1998 Aria Awards

"I really belive that you create your own destiny by wanting something bad enough." ~1997 ARIA Awards

Darren Hayes


May ??, 1972



Height-5 feet 9 inches

Shoe-8 and half


Colby Taylor-Wife





Water (H2O)

Skim Milk



Full Lips on a woman

The color Black


"Anything related to "StarWars" (Michelle,

New York City

Carry On Dancing (Brooke,


"Thank you so much. Umm...just thank you to each and every person who ever bought a record, came and saw a show. Thanks for coming out to see us play live this year and seriously, thank you for this beautiful life, it's an amazing job and you're a great employer and I appreciate you for that. I want to say a big thank you to Colby...I love you...and to my family who are watching at home tonight. Thanks a lot." ~1998 Aria Awards

" I used to walk around the shopping malls and go..."oh, they reconize me", but I was no one famous yet." ~60 Minutes (Australia)

" I really believe that you create your own destiny by wanting something bad enough." (Daniel Jones)

" The truth begins and ends on my lips." (Darren Hayes)
" We're song writers, and that's what we'll always be. Look, I can know that we will always write songs, but music is like fashion, you can't predict it, and no one can. "(Darren Hayes)
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A little!

My name is Michelle and I just turned 18 years old. I live in the States and I am a senior in High School. I am currently working on my acting skills and plan to attend the finest Film College next year. I know that it is my "destiny to become an actor" and "Savage Garden" help me "Keep the Faith Alive" by making very inspiring music and keeping positive attitudes even when they are not on the Pop-Charts.

I first started to become a "Savage" Fan in early 1997, when a little song by the name of "I Want You" came on the radio one day. And the rest is...history. I am a titanic Savage Garden Fan now, I've been to two of their concerts and own every American and Australian single ever released (not to mention videos and import cd's.) I am crazy over the "Aussie" band! They inspire me so much, and not that many people inspire me.

I also think that Steven Spielberg is the Greatest Director in Motion Picture History! He is a brilliant man who can put any emotion on screen-and make it seem real and alive. That is impressive! most girls my age, my favorite movie is "Titanic." However, for reasons that you would not think of. I adore the directing by James Cameron and the "love" story was very touching and the fact that this filmactually tells a story is very very special.

Well, that's "This Side Of Me." Acting, Titanic, Spielberg and Savage Garden--that's it!

Have a "Chica-Cherry" Day!

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