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Kamui Shirou, the lead After disappearing for 6 years, Kamui Shirou's return to Tokyo drew a lot of attention from many people, some of which are on his side, some of which will kill him. He gained magic powers that he uses with no care. Kamui, the one who determines the fate of the Earth, will he save it, or will he destroy it?

After Kamui returned to Tokyo, he met his childhood friends, Kotori and Fuuma Monou. They helped him choose to lead Dragons of Heaven or Dragons of the Earth, but in the process, Kamui must undergo pain. It turned out that Fuuma is his twin star, that is, if Kamui chooses to lead one side, Fuuma is to fill in for the other side as the other Kamui. Since Kamui chose to protect the ones he loved, that is, to protect the Earth and to be the Dragons of Heaven, Fuuma is to lead the Dragons of Earth.

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