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Senshi:Usagi MP
Name: Sandra
Birthday: October 19, 1975
Astrological Sign: libra
Age: 25
Blood Type: AB
Favourite Colour: Purple & Blue
Hobby: web graphics and websites
Favourite Food: Chocotale
Least Favourite Food: ham
Favourite Subject: Ancient Civilizations
Worst Subject: Math
Has Trouble With: Men ^_^
Strong Point: my friends
Dream: To write my own book
Favourite Gemstone: Amolite (its canadian)
Height: 5'10"

Well there you have it. Thats a little bit about me. I've always said your never to old for anime, especially Sailor moon. Don't you agree? At the moment I'm working full time in a gift shop as the training assistant manager. Its fun and I get all my Beanie Babies cheaper, and before all the other crazy people. I love candles too, which we sell lots of. I spend my spear time hanging out with my friends all around Toronto. Shopping is one of my other hobbies but then what gal doesn't like to shop?! Thats really all I have to tell you since my life isn't all that exciting. ^_^ Email me if you want to know more.

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