Welcome to my page of fun stuff. Finally Tripod has given me enough MegaBites to offer you some of the great multimedia I've collected. ^_^
To play the games you will need the Super Nintendo emulator.

Sailor Moon Puzzle Game 1 SM Puzzle 1
This is a very cute and fun game. Yes every thing is in japanese but you don't need to know the language to play any of the puzzle games. Bust the bubbles before your apponent and use your super powers to drive them nuts. ^_~
Sailor Moon Puzzle Game 3 SM Puzzle 3
Your Luna ball is there to help you turn the hearts and help you get the 3 treasures to the bottom before the other player.
Sailor Moon Puzzle Game 4 SM Puzzle 4
This puzzle game is very similar to to the first except here you go up against each of the senshi in turn.
Sailor Moon Puzzle Game 3 Another Story - japanese
Another Story - english
Save the world from the evil that is trying to change the fate of the universe. You even get to travel to Canada in this one.

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Sailor Moon WinFAQ 6 - this version is in the windows help style.

Sailor Moon WinFAQ 6 - html version you can open in your browser

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