Episode 1 - A Moon Star is Born
In this premier episode, 14 year old schoolgirl Serena learns that she is "Sailor Moon".

Episode 2 - Talk Radio
Queen Beryl, in her constant quest for the source of human energy, uses a late night radio talk show called "The Love Line" and one of her henchmen as the DJ, to entice Serena's teacher and her friend Molly to become innocent victims.

Episode 3 - Slim City
Queen Beryl, has learned that human's expend an absurd amount of energy on crazy diets and frantic activity they call 'fitness'.

Episode 4 - So You Want to be a Superstar
Serena's friends get stars in their eyes when super star, Saffron, visits their school and invites the kids to compete in a talent contest.

Episode 5 - Computer School Blues
The evil Queen Beryl and her henchmen try to turn commuters and human lust for scholastic achievement and success into another dastardly scheme to sap energy from Sailor Moon and her unwitting friends.

Episode 6 - Time Bomb
Queen Beryl's henchman, Jedite, finds a way to rig all the alarm clocks and slow time in an evil scheme to sap human energy.

Episode 7 - An Uncharmed Life
Bus loads of tourists have been disappearing from the sacred temple on Cherry Hill.

Episode 8 - Nightmare in Dreamland
Serena and the others visit "Dreamland", the local amusement park, to investigate rumours that people are disappearing.

Episode 9 - Cruise Blues
A dream vacation on the Sunset Romance Cruise Ship turns into a really bad trip for Sailor Moon and her scouts.

Episode 10 - Fight to the Finish
The evil Jedite challenges the three Sailor Scouts to a duel on the main runway of the local airport.

Episode 11 - Match Point for Sailor Moon
Neflite is posing as a tennis coach, Maxfield Stanton. Molly's best friend, Katie Sandler, becomes a champion tennis player with the aid of a mysterious tennis racket with super powers.

Episode 12 - An Unnatural Phenomena
Neflite, chooses his next victim -- an elderly gardener who's favorite park is being demolished.

Episode 13 - Wedding Day Blues
Everyone's involved in a wedding dress sewing contest, but when Neflite's Black Widow casts her evil web, the Sailor Scouts are snared.

Episode 14 - Shutter Bugged
The Sailor Scouts are dying to have their picture taken but this camera is taking more than just pretty pictures. When the Scouts expose the evil Neflite's ruse, he turns the lens on Sailor Moon herself!

Episode 15 - Dangerous Dollies
Some beautiful dolls suddenly become frightening pawns of Neflite's evil forces and the Sailor Scouts have their hands full.

Episode 16 - Who is that Masked Man?
A fake Tuxedo Mask appears and Sailor Moon finds out too late that it's really the evil Neflite setting a trap to capture her.

Episode 17 - An Animated Mess
The evil power of the Negaforce filters into an animation studio.

Episode 18 - Worth a Princess's Ransom
An evening with Tuxedo Mask is cut short when Queen Beryl's evil servants come looking for the long lost Emperium Silver Crystal - the crystal that will shape the destiny of the entire universe.

Episode 19 - Molly's Folly
Neflite is the wrong guy to get a crush on! But Molly finds herself developing one on Neflite, thinking he's Maxfield Stanton.

Episode 20 - A Friend in Wolf's Clothing
Neflite develops an interest in Molly, and Molly casts her fate with Neflite's.

Episode 21 - Jupiter Comes Thundering In
Queen Beryl explains the story of the Seven Shadows, and how they need to find the humans that were born with each Rainbow Crystal inside.

Episode 22 - The Power of Friendship
Molly's feeling blue after losing Neflite, and seeks advice from a kindly old man only to discover the evil Zoycite has business with the old man too.

Episode 23 - Mercury's Mental Match
Zoycite attacks the school's brand new braniac and thinks he is another keeper of a Rainbow Crystal.

Episode 24 - An Artful Attack
Everyone's excited about a wonderful new artist, until Zoycite turns up determined to capture her Rainbow Crystal for his Queen.

Episode 25 - Too Many Girlfriends
Zoycite's monsters are back and they are after another human carrying a Rainbow Crystal.

Episode 26 - Grandpa's Follies
Raye's Grandpa is acting very strange and no one knows what's wrong. Then Zoycite and her evil minions turn up at Raye's shrine looking for another Rainbow Crystal.

Episode 27 - Kitty Chaos
A little girl becomes a target for the evil Zoycite, and all the alley cats in Tokyo are after Luna. But where's the Rainbow Crystal hidden this time? Could Luna's fat feline friend be the keeper?

Episode 28 - Tuxedo Melvin
An amusement park offers more than thrills for the price of a ticket. It's a full-on battle between the Sailor Scouts and the Negaverse for control of all the Rainbow Crystals.

Episode 29 - Sailor V Makes the Scene
There's a Sailor Moon look-alike, but is she a friend or foe? When she finally shows her true colours, is it too late for Tuxedo Mask?

Episode 30 - A Crystal Clear Destiny
Tuxedo Mask goes one-on-one with the evil Zoycite, and the winner gets all the Rainbow Crystals.

Episode 31 - A Reluctant Princess
At last the Silver Emperium Crystal has been returned to the Moon Princess, but is Sailor Moon strong enough and brave enough to use it to save her friends and thwart the evil Negaverse?

Episode 32 - Bad Hair Day
A free haircut becomes a really bad hair day for Sailor Moon when it becomes an all our fight against a scissors-snipping monster from the Negaforce.

Episode 33 - Little Miss Manners
Sailor Moon decides that it's time to acquire the manners of a princess and become a star pupil at finishing school.

Episode 34 - Ski Bunny Blues
The Scouts are set on winning the Miss Moon Princess Contest, not knowing until too late that it's nothing but a plot by the evil Queen Beryl to lure and capture the Scouts.

Episode 35 - Ice Princess
Lita is showing off her skating skills and falls for a hunky ice star in the process.

Episode 36 - Last Resort
Serena and her family go on vacation to a lake resort. When the creature trapped in the lake attacks her family, Serena transforms into Sailor Moon and saves them.

Episode 37 - Tuxedo Unmasked
Queen Beryl starts to recapture those unfortunate seven who carried the Rainbow Crystals, including Amy's good friend Greg, and unite them into the Invisible Shadow -- a mighty warrior.

Episode 38 - Fractious Friends
The Sailor Scouts are squabbling and Queen Beryl and her henchmen intend to take full advantage of the situation.

Episode 39 - The Past Returns
The forces of the Negaverse have finally broken into our universe and are intent on taking over the world.

Episode 40 - Day of Destiny
Sailor Moon finally faces off against Queen Beryl, and Tuxedo Mask himself. Sailor Moon defeats Queen Beryl and blasts her back to the Negaverse, but Sailor Moon loses her memory in the process.


Episode 53 - The Return of Sailor Moon
Serena's back to being a normal schoolgirl, and doesn't remember a thing about the Sailor Scouts.

Episode 54 - So You Want to Be in Pictures
The Scouts are lured into a glamourous movie studio only to discover there's something sinister going on behind the scenes.

Episode 55 - A Knight to Remember
Serena misses Tuxedo Mask and Darien's affection. Then a monstrous lion from the Negaverse attacks the Sailor Scouts, but they are saved by the mysterious "Moonlight Knight".

Episode 56 - VR Madness
A virtual reality theatre is the location for the Negaverse's next attack but it get's way to personal for Sailor Moon when they attack her own family.

Episode 57 - Cherry Blossom Time
Ann and Alan want to feed their dying "Doom Tree" with energy from humans who are paying homage to the beautiful Cherry blossoms.

Episode 58 - Kindergarten Chaos
Evil villains try to steal the energy of defenseless kindergarten students by stealing the entire school bus full of kids.

Episode 59 - Much Ado About Baby Sitting
When Alan and Ann's Cardian monster attacks a day care center, Serena and Darien are forced to become baby sitters for a small child.

Episode 60 - Raye's Day in the Spotlight
Raye is organizing the Autumn festival, and is the show's number one star. But her moment in the spotlight is cut short when a monster from the Negaverse makes an appearance.

Episode 61 - Food Fetish
Everyone has food on the brain when Lita tries out some of her coolest goodies on Alan, making Ann very jealous.

Episode 62 - Mirror, Mirror on the Wall
Ann sets her sights on the lead in Darien's new play. Alan sends a monster from the Negaverse to gather all the energy from the audience and ruin the production.

Episode 63 - Detention Doldrums
A dull day in detention for Serena heats up when a monster from the Negaverse appears that even Alan and Ann have no control over. Ann and Serena bet on who's going to snag Darien first.

Episode 64 - Secret Garden
Ann and Alan are getting desperate for energy to feed their Doom Tree, and have called another monster to attack Melvin and Molly.

Episode 65 - Treed
Sailor Moon, Luna and Darien are trapped by Alan and Ann's Doom Tree. The Doom Tree speaks and tells of how it was the "Tree of Life" a long time ago, and how it lives on positive energy not negative energy -- that's why it's dying.

Episode 41 - Serena Times Two
A child, Rini, falls from the sky, looks remarkably like Sailor Moon, and demands the Emperium Silver Crystal.

Episode 42 - The Cosmetics Caper
Berti and Rubeus, are trying to take over and destroy Crystal Tokyo (the city one thousand years in the future), and another monster tries to sell cosmetics from a store filled with Negaverse energy.

Episode 43 - Sailor Mercury Moving On?
Artemis, Luna and the Scouts are trapped in a deep freeze.

Episode 44 - Gramps in a Pickle
Grampa decides to branch out into his own martial arts fitness school. But when his overenthusiastic assistants turn out to be from the Negaverse, it's up to Raye and the other Scouts to save him.

Episode 45 - Trouble Comes Thundering In
Villains from the future are plotting to drive Sailor Moon out by using her greatest fear against her -- thunder.

Episode 46 - A Charmed Life
Everyone wants to turn their life around so they head off to a shop that sells charms, crystals and jewelry. Only they find Negaverse monsters at the shop instead.

Episode 47 - A Curried Favor
Rini's class is having a curry-making party, and Sailor Moon becomes the chef. Only things go sour when the weird sisters from the Negaverse poison the food at the supermarket.

Episode 48 - Naughty N' Nice
Four weird sisters from the Negamoon arrive, and their is a heated showdown between the sisters and the Sailor Scouts.

Episode 49 - Prediction of Doom
Sailor Moon is put under a spell by a monster from the Negaverse. She's been put into Eternal Sleep and only Darien can wake her.

Episode 50 - Enemies No More
On of the twisted sisters from the Negamoon sets her sights to capturing Rini.

Episode 51 - Checkmate
A chess match between Amy and one of the sisters of the Negamoon turns into a high-stakes match when Amy is turned into a pawn of the Negaverse.

Episode 52 - Sibling Rivalry
It's sister versus sister when Rubeus pits his two remaining sisters against each other.

Episode 66 - Rubeus Evens The Score
Rini steals Sailor Moon's locket and crystal in an attempt to go home to the future to see her parents.

Episode 67 - Rubeus Strikes Out
With the other Sailors imprisoned in Rubeus' ship, Sailor Moon goes on board to confront him.

Episode 68 - The Secret of the Luna Sphere
The voice of the Luna Ball, Pu, is really Sailor Pluto, who guards the doorway of Time. She tells the Scouts they must travel through time, to the future, to save Rini.

Episode 69 - Emerald Bakes Up Trouble (Emerald Takes Over)
While Serena is distracted and drowning her sorrows in cakes at an "all you can eat" bakery grand opening, Emerald attempts to sway the populace of Tokyo over to the side of the Negamoon.

Episode 70 - Promises Fufilled
When the newest rage is "love" bracelets, Emerald tries to take over all the people who make and wear them.

Episode 71 - No Thanks, Nurse Venus
When the Sailors are stricken with a bad case of the flu, all the scouts fall victim to Mina's (Sailor Venus) well intentioned, but catastrophic attempts at being nursemaid.

Episode 72 - Dog Day For Artemis
Emerald tries to turn the animals of Tokyo against humans in an attempt to take over for the Negamoon.

Episode 73 - Smart Payoff (Lonely Amy)
Amy decides to go to an extra curricular school to study. Emerald targets the school as a breakthrough point for the Negamoon "dark" crystal energy. Victim of the negaenergy, Amy attacks the other Scouts.

Episode 74 - Child's Play
Rini makes a new friend at school just as Emerald and her droids target the school as another entry point for the "dark" Crystal Energy of the Negamoon.

Episode 75 - Future Shocked
The Scouts, Tuxedo Mask, and Rini travel to the future to try and save Rini's mom and Crystal Tokyo.

Episode 76 - Legend of the Negamoon
The Scouts, Tuxedo Mask, and Rini meet King E., the King of Crystal Tokyo of the 30th Century.

Episode 77 - Jealousy's Just Rewards
The Wiseman convinces a captive and frightened Rini that the Sailor Scouts and her parents never loved her and that she should devote herself to him.

Episode 78 - Birth of the Wicked Lady
Convinced she is not loved by anyone, Rini is finally swayed to the side of the dark crystal and she becomes Wicked Lady, a loyal lethal agent of Wiseman.

Episode 79 - Brotherly Love
Convinced that Wiseman is only out for himself, Sapphire tries to convince his brother, Prince Diamond, to rebel with him against the evil.

Episode 80 - Diamond In The Rough
Sailor Moon goes into the Dark Crystal to meet Diamond face to face. Her deep love for Tuxedo Mask keeps her from falling victim to Diamond's brainwashing.

Episode 81 - Final Battle
Together, the Scouts must stave off Rini in her evil incarnation of Wicked Lady, while trying to undo the strangehold Wiseman has on her mind.

Episode 82 - Follow The Leader
Still pumped from the glorious victory over Wiseman and Dark Crystal, the Sailor Scouts reminisce about all their finest battles and try to decide who deserves the most credit for all the saving they have done.


Episode 83 - Star Struck, Bad Luck
The girls realize they have a powerful new enemy.

Episode 84 - Crystal Clear Again
Dr. Tomoe explains that they need 3 pure heart crystals to lead them to the Purity Force.

Episode 85 - Who's The New Hunk?
Mina and Serena meet Amara at the arcade.

Episode 86 - The Idol
Neptune and Uranus return the crystal to the musician and refuse to answer any of the other Scouts' questions about heart crystals-what they are and why they are so important.

Episode 87 - Swept Off Her Feet
Sailor Moon gets the crystal, but is stopped by Uranus and Neptune until they check it out.

Episode 88 - Blinded By Love's Light
To help Molly and Melvin stay together, Serena gets the idea of entering them in a "true affections" contest.

Episode 89 - Lita Borrows Trouble
Lita rescues Serena from being run down by Amara's motorcycle.

Episode 90 - Damp Spirits
Amy is tired of being the perfect student, doubts her idea of becoming a doctor like her mom and is afraid she has no real personality.

Episode 91 - Foes United
Sailor Moon gains the respect of Uranus and Neptune, but Uranus and Neptune remain committed to their mission.

Episode 92 - Trouble On The Love Train
Chad attacks Amara when he thinks he's lost his place in Raye's heart to her.

Episode 93 - To Thine Own Self Be True
Mina misses her pre-Scout life, especially volleyball, at which she excelled.

Episode 94 - Glass Shoe-Part 1
It's Serena's birthday and she wants a pair of glass slippers.

Episode 95 - Birthday Blues-Part 2 of Glass Shoe
Tomoe gets the new of Kaori's death and appoints Eugeal as her successor.

Episode 96 - Hello Scout Minimoon
Minimoon has come to stay!

Episode 97 - Tainted Tea Party
Tamasaburo turns herself into a "Sailor Scout" look-alike.

Episode 98 - People Who Need People
Lita learns that working alone isn't always a good idea.

Episode 99 - Related By Destiny
We learn that Amara tried to escape her destiny, but was drawn to accept it by Michelle.

Episode 100 - Art Appreciation
Serena serves an apple pie to the girls, only to discover that Rini baked it for Masanori, a boy in her art class.

Episode 101 - Everything's Coming Up Rosy
The girls are invited to a French soiree at Edward's place.

Episode 102 - No Turning Back
Moon blows Uranus' and Neptune's cover to the other Scouts. Although the other Scouts still refuse to join forces, in private, Michelle speculates that they may all have the same mission.


Episode 103 - Doom
Michelle's dream leads her and Uranus to believe that the heart crystals will finally be revealed.

Episode 104 - The Purity Chalice
Serena is sure she can save the world without the pure heart crystals.

Episode 105 - Crystal Round-Up
Tomoe reports to the Sovereign of Silence, who needs pure heart crystals.

Episode 106 - Rini's Risky Friendship
Rini gets ready to visit her new friend Hotaru.

Episode 107 - Tough Luck For Mimet
Pluto speculates to Neptune and Uranus that the enemies want the crystals to revive the Sovereign of Silence.

Episode 108 - The Shadow Of Silence
Neputne, Uranus and Pluto discuss how Rini is heir to the throne of the Silver Millennium.

Episode 109 - Thorny Weather
Hotaru gets a glimpse of Darien, Serena and Rini arguing on a shopping trip and has an image of them as a family in the future.

Episode 110 - Heightened Hazzard
Three scouts observe a sample of Hotaru's frightening powers.

Episode 111 - It's In The Cards
Hotaru and Rini are suddenly transported into altered space.

Episode 112 - Goodness Eclipsed
Hotaru disappears and is transported home as Sailor Saturn, the soldier of destruction.

Episode 113 - Next In Line
Mimet uses Eugeal's enlarging unit to increase her size and power, which allows Telulu to simply "pull the plug" on her, destroying her.

Episode 114 - Flendish Ferns
Telulu destroys Mimet again. We learn that the Mugean School is the headquarters for the Dept. of Bad Behaviour.

Episode 115 - The Science Of Love
Amy is a finalist in a national high school contest, which will be held at Mugen.

Episode 116 - Awakening
Cyprin draws all the students to Mugen School to take their heart crystals.

Episode 117 - Who's Really Who?
Tomoe only needs the Purity Chalice to herald the reign of Pharoah Ninety.

Episode 118 - Darkness My Old Friend
Sailor Moon shields Mistress Nine from Neptune and Uranus, who imprisons them and demands Sailor Moon turn over the Chalice to save them.

Episode 119 - Second Chance
Serena is accepted as the future queen.


Episode 120
Mini Moon returns and saves the day. And she gets to stay in this time period.

Episode 121 - Dreams Take Fight
Rini dreams of meeting Pegasus and warns him not to tell anyone of their meeting.

Episode 122 - Pegasus' Power
Zirconia sends out the Amazon Trio again, saying they will find Pegasus so he can rule the earth.

Episode 123 - Mom's Sweet Dreams
Pegasus appears in Rini's dreams and again warns that the crystal wood is in danger.

Episode 124 - Baiting The Trap
Hawk Eye assures Zirconia that the trio can succeed. Hawk Eye reveals a special cage that is designed to contain Pegasus: all they need is bait.

Episode 125 - Best Couple
Tiger Eye targets Seori whom he approaches as a French tourist. Seori has asked Darien to meet her so that she can tell him her feelings.

Episode 126 - Much Ado About Kitten
Tiger Eye targets Sister Maria, who is preparing a perfect wedding. Artemis and Venus come to the rescue.

Episode 127 - A Pegusus Page Turner
Lita went to school with the author Tomoko Taksas and encourages her to become a writer. The girls set out to get her autograph but she is hiding from her public: she is suffering writer's block.

Episode 128 - A Teacher's Lesson
Rini's dream of becoming a teacher is not working out. Just after she runs into Serena, she is targeted by Tiger's Eye. Sailor Moon and Mini Moon come to the rescue.

Episode 129 - The Trouble with Love
The girls are studying at Darien's and over-react to smoke in the building, leaving his apartment. Raye invites him to stay at the Temple.

Episode 130 - Phony Fairy
Rini meets Kitakata, the author of a book about fairies that she really likes. Fish Eye targets Kitakata. Rini follows him into the woods where Fish Eye has him convinced she is a fairy.

Episode 131 - Driven Dreamer
Amy sees Natsumi giving Darien a key, which she thinks is to his apartment. Hawk Eye targets Natsumi, appearing to look like her husband.

Episode 132 - Cutting It Close
Miharu is a young Samari sword girl in training. Rini invites her home and Serena visits her mother, Fuyumi, after seeing the harshness of her training.

Episode 133 - Double Trouble
Mini is double booked for dates with Jack (actually Tiger's Eye) and Charlie (actually Hawk's Eye), as they compete over her.

Episode 134 - Recipe for Trouble
Darien offers to share his umbrella with Maya. She rejects his offer. Meanwhile Hawk's Eye targets Maya. The Sailors Scouts come to the rescue.

Episode 135 - Knocking into High Gear
Rini is not quite sure how to react when she is invited out by the coolest guy at her school, soccer star, Robert.

Episode 136 - Beach Blanket Bungle
The girls are at the beach. Tiger Eye targets Amy. The other girls come to the rescue and have battle Ramless Pump Ponko.

Episode 137 - Tutu Treachory
Serena responds to a call for dancers from Giselle. The other scouts join the class as does Fish Eye (as Faye).

Episode 138 - Dutchess' Day Off
Dutchess of Amethyst is on an official visit to Tokyo, but is reported sick in bed with the flu. Rini and Serena befriend the Dutchess. Hawk Eye targets the Dutchess of Amethyst. Tuxedo Mask comes to the rescue.

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