Welcome friends (and enemies) to my flames page. Careful you don't get burned. ^_^ If you do not have a sense of humor I suggest you leave now. This page was created to amuse and entertain. Feel free to email me with you opinions but be warned if you don't like this page I most likely won't care.

And now (drum roll) my very FIRST FLAME!! Sent to me via private message in my guestbook. She even got her friends involved. Pathetic.

NsL7's Page!
1998-11-28 22:21:00

Hmm, I think your page is very beautiful and Usagi is my ultimate favorite so I'm gladthat you dedicated your page to her. The only thing that upsets me is that you call yourself "Usagi theMoon Princess". I think you're pretty nice and you're great at making this homepage, but no one canreplace Usagi or impersonate her in our hearts. It's kind of shameful and I know pretty soon mycomputer will get hacked or messed up, or maybe my e-mail will get bombed... but that's the truth.You won't change it though, of course not, you worked TOO MUCH as Usagi the Moon Princess,but there's no one else but Usagi herself that can warm our hearts, make us strong, and see thetruth... I'm kind of mad, but I think I know somebody who will get even madder really soon...

My reply..... First I need to remind you that ITS A CARTOON NOT REAL LIFE and you should get one of those by the way, a life that is. "Usagi Moon Princess" NOT usagi the moon princess is my internet handle. The fact that I use it in no way infringes on the idenity of the CARTOON character of Usagi. Again she is a CARTOON not a living person. I suggest you seek help. Oh and I found this so humorous I've decided to post it on my site, whether you like it or not.

Your Truely,

Sun, 29 Nov 1998
08:38:06 PST
Dear Sandra,

I was really polite when I said that. Not like you. I know you're an adult, and I'm only a kid, but I do not have problems. Adults always look down on kids. And I know when you post what I said on your website, you'll change every single word I said to make it sound as if you're the so called good guy just cause you call yourself Usagi the Moon Princess. NO ONE uses Usagi's name and gets away with it, especially if they are so mean and nasty like you. You DO NOT deserve to use such a good name in place of Sandra which is such a bitchy name. You really hurt my feelings, I feel like crying, I will never look at your replies or visit your website. Also, Usagi IS NOT JUST a cartoon, she is a person a child of God, much better than you. Also, she is so kind hearted and caring, who wouldn't want her to be in real life not like you. I hope you die and go to hell, you don't deserve being on this earth, for all I care, USAGI IS REAL. And one day I will meet her, and I won't tell her what you evil people have been doing to her, by that time I will be too happy to remember you. NEVER COPY, good people are always copied by bad people, hence YOU!

"All that is good is inside" - NsL7 [AND THAT'S NOT YOU!]

P.S. I'm much more polite than you are, and also I am not yelling at you. You should now how to correctly say Your Truely because it makes everyone think you don't know how to correctly speak English, or else broken English.

Its me again.
Can you believe this person.
Once again I suggest that you grow up. If you don't like what I have to say then don't email me again. And I will post any relpys on my site. Warn your friends not to send "F*** YOU" emails as I will report each and every one of them to their servers and have their service revoked.
Sun, 29 Nov 1998
11:10:14 PST
May I ask a simpe question why are you so mean to Nicole? I'm using my girlfriends e-mail and my name is Nick carter! can you please leave Nicole alone! It really hurts when your mean to someone. Please stop doing that ! Thank-You! ANd don't write back to me or her again! Just go talk to your friends. Bye!
Nick Carter
From Backstreet Boys!
My Reply... I'm sorry but she asked for it. I found her to be a bit of a brat so I'm teaching her a lesson on growing up. And the Difference between fantasy & reality.
Wel can you just please leave her alone. I think its a very mean thing to do. So can you just please stop it! Thanks! I don't feel like fighting and I just want all this stuff to stop happening. Just plz stop it thats all I ask. I have to go out with my girflriedn now. Bye!
Nick Carter ~*My girlfriends Man ONLY!~*
My Reply...Visit this page.http://members.tripod.com/~Usagi_MoonPrincess/flames.html
I have a girlfriend and I'm not signing your guest Book either. I want you to leave Nicole alone. You gotta it O.K.!!!!! You can't have me I'm going out with a girl I love and only want. I don't trust you! Nick Carter From BSB!
My Reply... Get a life. I am 23 and I hate the Back Street boys , thier just "New Kids on the block wanna be's" and even that group sucked. I've posted all your friends messages on my site unchanged so the rest of the world will see how pathetic you two are. This message will be up as well and I've reported you both to hotmail.


Sailor moon IS NOT REAL!!! Tell that to your girlfriend.

If I'm so pathetic then why are you the 1 acting and pretending your Sailor Moon! And alot of people like our music and we love our fans. If my fans visit this page don't anymore. I love you guys and am puttign you on my list. And I just reported you to whats it called too. So I'm getting back at you too. By your going on My "IGNORE!" list! Your the pathetic one alright. Your the loser. My girlfriend is way betrter then you and way a nicer person. You will not be recieving anymore e-mails cuz i put you on my ignore list. bye fricken ugly girl. i seen your pictures your bery gross looking. nicole and deanna are way prettier. give itu op you'll never be sailor moon like you think. your an ordinary person with an ugly head, body and you need a life. get a life soon geek. by fuckinmg slut!!!

Nick Carter
And the backstreet Boys
And Nick Carters Girlfriend!

Time: 1998-11-30 07:27:00
Oh please YOU think you're the moon princess. Well for some of things that YOU can't be the moon princess is that you're uglier, bit*her, and you're totally EVIL!!!!!!^_^ you want me to go on and on because I can!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope Naoko Takeuchi see this homepage, so she could SUE you!!!! You think you're all that, but get REALLY you're probably just some sick little bit*h who's totally JEALOUS over the REALLY moon princess who haplessly be Usagi or Serena. IF you are a grown-up and I did said IF why the h*ll are you watching this cartoon, huh?!??!?!?!? Oh, maybe you're a really kid in the brain but is trapped in a grown-up body!!! Why don't you get a job or get AIDs. Now I know why there are SOooooo many dangerous disease it's to wipe the really evil people like your kinds of people!!!!!!!!!
My reply..... Thank you for your comments they have been forwarded to abuse@excitecorp.com

Have a good day.

Mon, 30 Nov 1998 14:50:45 PST
This guy has no Life!!
Oh, pleasez!!!!! you're the one who's abusing Naoko Takeuchi!!!!! You shouldbe locked up!!!
~Bye, green-winged-angel
Tue, 01 Dec 1998
23:58:36 PST
You should quit being sooo nice and everything because you're evil. likeSailor Moon will say: "All your makeup cannot ALL the EVIL ( that means you!) deep inside!!!!!!". " "On be half of the moon, Sailor Moon will punishyou!!! She ( Sailor Moon ) stands for love and justice!!!!!! " Not likeyou, copycat, you stand for evil and darkness!!!! Sailor Moon WILL banishthe likes of your kinds, of people.
My reply..... This message was once again forwarded to abuse@excitecorp.com I'm not sinking to your level so stop wasting my time.

Visit http://members.tripod.com/~Usagi_MoonPrincess/flames.html to view all your ramblings.

1999-06-21 20:12:00
From: My Guestbook
~Sigh~ You and your flames. Well whether you choose to add this or not, I really don't care. I really don't plan on returning. I was really enjoying this place, until I read your flames. Your second response to the child's flame about your name went out of hand. (In my opinion.) They were being polite, and I really felt the need to point out to you (and whoever else reads this) that sometimes cussing isn't necessary. Call my old-fashion, or whatever else, but I had to say something.
My reply..... Note from the Webmaster: This comming from a person without the courage to leave an email address. Everyone has their opinions but the least you could have done was allow me to reply. The flames page is my way of voicing my opinion of those individuals maturity levels. Of course if this individual had read the flames page properly they would have noticed the it was the other person who cursed not me. Sine they had sent an email with F*** you copy & pasted 100 times.
September 13/99 From: email
I just want to say keep defending yourself from these people because they I'm talking to (YOU) people that e-mailed her for the most ridiculous reason,because she was using the name usagimoon princess or what ever.HELLO DO ANY OF YOU HAVE A BRAIN WELL MAYBE YOU DO BUT YOU SURE A'INT USING IT!!!!!! Oh by the way if she's coping what about you that Nick Carter dude you're not Nick I saw a show live the other day with the backstreet boys and Nick said he didn't even have a girlfriend.ALL I'm trying to say is if nobody ever copied anybody we probably would all be running around naked.Who really cares if she uses this name all of you should grow up and throw away your diapers come on where are people headed these days.It's just a silly little name she WANTS I repeat WANTS to use.One more thing everybody copies anyway do you know how many Nicks,Nicoles,Jessicas,Jennifers,Jonhs,ect. there are in this world you can't even imagine.So every one copies in every day life always there's some one with that same dress,or with those exact sneakers,or the same hairstyles,or loves the same candy bar, it's their taste she picked that name because she likes it, she want's it,so she uses it.That's all I needed to say I'm not trying to be mean but let's just all get along.

(P.S please post this on your page, also note I said this not using ONE SINGLE CURSE WORD ^_^ )


GoldCat317 I'm your typical 13-year-old Moonie who's a total Sailormoon freak. When I read Nicole and "Nick" V.S. "Usagi" on your flames page I burst out laughing!! My god people! IT'S JUST A CARTOON! Sure, I love Sailormoon as much as anyone, maybe more, but my god get a life!! They're not real and people can use their names! At first the Lil kids were decent, and "Usagi" nicely responded back back, but then the Lil' kids started getting ugly! Read the second mail from *ahem* Nicole. Then she recruited *ahem* "Nick Carter" to help her out. Thanks for the good laugh!! I didn't like BSB to start with now I burst out laughing every time someone mentions them! I really hope you post this "Usagi". People need to know your "supporters" are out there too. Oh, and "Nick" and Nicole, feel free to e-mail me! I always need a good laugh!!
Golden Lady First of all, I don't see a single thing wrong with your internet name being Usagi Moon Princess. I kinda wish I had thought of it first. :) Now, I don't listen to the Back Street Boys, I don't like that kind of music, but it think that it's really silly for that person to say that he was...whom ever he said he was. Those flames were quite funny. Imagine some one yelling at you for your "internet name'. I'm sorry that you got flamed, it's really quite cruel. How ever I read this on a flamers forum at Lycentia's SM Web Graphics "Flames are a, stupid, form of compliment." I mean who flames bad sites. Only good sites are flamed. So while you may feel sad that some one really dosen't like your site, you can be happy realizing that the one who is right is you. I know I sound corny, but that's the way I am some times. Hmm, I like the name Sandra, my cousin's name is Sandra. Any way. Keep up the good work on your site. :) ~Golden Lady
From: Kasia Zarzycki
Date: Wed, 16 Feb 2000
you are soooooo mean! you say youre all old and grown up but you are acting like a child! these children just want to believe in sailor moon and believe that she is real. it gives them a role modol that is not sex/hate/violent inclined. just ignore their flames. it makes them happy and you should be able to take a little crap from a 12 year old! and then to post it on your page?! sorry but that is wayyyy immature. just grow up life is not always happy so just get over it
My reply..... This coming from a person without the courage to leave their email address. Like I've said before, if your going to inslult me then have some guts. There is a child in all of us and if I feel like acting half my age then thats my perogative. Beside I was simply sticking up for myself.
Prince Tranquility
Date: Mon Feb. 21, 2000
Don't! Please!Don't start with these little kids!Nicole has every darn right on God's given earth 2 believe in the Sailor Scouts! If you're *ahem* "23" then you need to act it ! I think you should grow up before starting a web page.Also, You DESERVED 2 be called everything that they called you !!!There is an old saying "If you can't stand the heat,then honeychild get out of the kitchen!" and that's exactly what you need 2 do.Now don't get me wrong.I NEVER use my real name on the internet for safety reasons.Still that's going 2 far.My point is stop cursing at these people cuz one day you're gonna come across the wrong person.

Prince Tranquility

P.S.)This is coming from a person who HAS the courage to leave their e-mail!
E-mail:f._zanetta whittler@premierauto.com
P.P.S.I took the liberty of writing what i wrote.Change or modify and you'll be SORRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My reply..... Oh I'm so hurt. NOT. Those flames were sent to me last year and I still find it hard to believe that other people take it so personally. It was between me and those little brats, no one else. I didn't say they couldn't believe in the Sailor Scouts but for critising me for my internet handle they needed a reality check. By the way, I NEVER changed any of those emails except for removing the sware words and I've been taking the heat with out getting burned so far. You know you never did tell me how old you were. You must be young to be taking this issue so seriously after all most adults find these flames hilarious.
Prince Tranquility
Date: Fri, 4 Jan 1980
(actually Feb 23/00)
Usagi, I am 13 years old. And you know what, I think you are right about people having their own opinion. But still all I am trying to say is that you shouldn't be cursing at any of these little people. Also,I may be a little person,too! But you know what, you may think that other people may like them but think about the other people who are reading your website! Be happy that they thought about your website.... Maybe you should think about the people that thought about website! And you know what,some things you say you need to watch what you say!!!! Or you'll be SORRY!!!!걃!
My reply..... Please stop wasting my time on this. Besides I never ones cursed at them, they cursed at me. You and anyone else may believe in Sailor Moon if they so choose but try getting your facts straight before you email someone about something as pathetic as this. People on the web know what flames are and if they're not preparded to read them, as you obviously weren't, they shouldn't click on the link. And stop trying to threaten me, it won't work. Feel free not to return to my site if it bothers you so much.

PS feel free to re-read what you've written to me on the flames page.

Ok its sad when someone believes their someone their not. I have never claimed to be "Sailor Moon". Like millions of people on the web I have used a name from the show for my internet handle. If you wish to believe in Sailor Moon that thats your opinion but don't try to force others to feel the same way.
But this individual thinks their "Nick Carter" from BSB. I don't think so!!. If I offended anyone by saying that "Back Steet Boys" sucks I am sorry. I personally don't like them but everyone is free to have their own opinion.

If you have any comments about this feel free to email me. However I am no longer updating this page, unless, of course, someone says something really moronic. ^_^

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