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Sailor Senshi {Sailor Scouts}
IdenityBirthdayPlanetKanji used
Tsukino UsagiSerenaSailor MoonJune 30Moonmoon
Chiba MamoruDarianTuxedo MaskAugust 3Earthearth {not element}
Mizuno AmiAmySailor MercurySeptember 10Mercurywater {element}
Hino ReiRayeSailor MarsApril 17Marsfire {element}
Kino MakotoLitaSailor JupiterDecember 5Jupiterwood {element}
Aino MinakoMinaSailor VenusOctober 22Venusgold {element}
Chibi-UsaRiniSailor Chibi Moon (Mini Moon)June 30Moon
Meiou SetsunaTristaSailor PlutoOctober 29Plutodark king
Ten’ou HarukaAmaraSailor UranusJanuary 27Uranusheaven king
Kaiou MichiruMichelleSailor NeptuneMarch 6Neptunesea king
Tomoe HotaruHotaruSailor SaturnJanuary 6Saturnearth {element}

Some character information is thanks to Ken Arromdee, Gregory Lam, Heather Crothall and the Sailor Moon FAQ V5.0,

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