I've decided to start keeping track of the updates on this page instead of the main one to remove some of the clutter.

August 1, 2001 There's been a lot of junk happening in my life but to keep my mind of it I've given the site a whole new look!!
October 25, 2000 Okay so its been some time between updates but one is finally here. I've added the episode list for the DIC version.
August 8, 2000 Happy B-day to my brother. I've updated the Greeting cards page.
July 31, 2000 I've added a Greeting cards page. Send one to a friend. ^_^
June 27, 2000 I've added a Multimedia page.
Febuary 16, 2000 YES!! Our first update of the year and its the FLAMES page!! Enjoy.
December 22/99 I've updated the Sailor Jupiter Profile.
December 14/99 Added a new interactive guestbook and fixed a few errors on the main page so you can actually read the darn thing.
December 10/99 Yes I know I've been neglecting this site but I've finally updated the flames page.
September 13/99 The Updates page got its make over. ^_^
September 9/99 The Sailor Moon, ChibiMoon and Mercury profiles are complete.
September 5/99 RENOVATIONS have finally begun!! The main page got a face lift. The Awards pages and the Info page also got a new look.
November 28/98 WOW I have Flames!! Check it out!!
October 7/98 Manga Gallery is now OPEN!!.
October 3/98 I've uploaded all of the images for my new Manga Gallery. Its not organized yet but I've created subdirectories so you can still browse through all the images.
August 24/98 Two new Image Galleries!! and a few more links added to my Favourite links page.
August 24/98 Four new Image Galleries!!
August 21/98 Take a look a the new Image Galleries!!
August 18/98 I've finally brought back my Sailor Moon Images in a whole new gallery.
August 13/98 I've added more images to the Group Gallery
July 28/98 Two of the new Galleries are ready. Animated Images and Group Images.
July 27/98 The image gallery is now undergoing some major renovations so if you didn't get the image you wanted to see please come back in a few days and try again. Now wasn't that a long sentance.
July 19/98 I've fixed the midi links in the Music Box. Now as you read the lyrics you can hear the tune as well.
July 17/98 The Image Gallery has a bit of a new look. Take a peek at my first transparent image as well. It can be found with my personal scans.
July 13/98 I've added a few of my personal scans to the Image Gallery
July 9/98 Homepage accessories page has a whole new look. Take a look and let me know what you think.
July 3/98 New Backgrounds!! If you like them please feel free to use them but remember to give me credit for my work.
June 17/98 I've created yet another site. This one is not SailorMoon related but you might like it. Lunar Graphics!
I'd also like all of you who visit my homepage accessories site to vote for it in the SMWPR found at the bottom of the site. Vote every day if you like!! The more you vote the higher I'll get!!
June 7/98 The Frames gallery has moved. Please up date your links to Frames Gallery. I've also updated the Webring page. Visit my Family & Friends in the The Photo Album. I've added a ton of new pics of my friends. ( :p to the certain individual who said I had no friends )

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