Japanese Version
Senshi: Sailorvenus
Name: Aino Minako
Birthday: October 22
Astrological Sign: Libra (mine too!)
Blood Type: B
Favourite Colour: Yellow and red
Hobby: Chasing after idols
Favourite Food: Curry (mine too!)
Least Favourite Food: Shiitake Mushrooms
Favourite Subject: Physical Education
Worst Subject: English
Has Trouble With: Mama and the police
Strong Point: Playing
Dream: Being an idol
Favourite Gemstone: Topaz
English Version
Scout: Sailor Venus
Name: Mina
Birthday: October 22
Age: 14
Likes: Sports and dance
Dislikes: Show offs
Hobbies: Playing games
Special Strenghts: Leadership
Favourite Food: Any Pasta
Favourite Colour: Orange
Favourite Animal: Birds
Favourite Subject:Gymnastics

Attack Name Key:
North American
Japanese Version/Equivalent

Special Powers:

Venus Power Venus Power, Make up
The first of her transformations.

Venus Crescent Beam Smash Crescent Beam
Venus forms two golden crescent beams, both facing outward. She touches the crescent beam with her hand and then points her right hand at her target. She joins her right hand with her left and a golden ray of light appears. The crescent beams fly at the victim and smash into it.


Venus Star Power Venus Star Power, Make Up
Venus says this to transform with the Star Pen that Artemis gave to her.

Venus Venus Shower Crescent Beam Shower
The attack starts as Crescent Beam except that when she releases the the Crescent Beam, it splits into several beams. The light then expands and converges on the cardian.

Venus Meteor Shower Venus Love me Chain
She gained the attack when she was given the Star Pen. Her arms cross and a chain of linked heart illusions spiral around her. Venus then points at her target and the chain filies towards them. This attack can also be used to ensnare someone.

Rolling Heart Vibration
Description needed.


Venus Crystal Power, Make Up
Yet another transformation.

Wink Chain Sword
Description needed.


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