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Shoujo   Links

Shoujo Anime Links and other cool stuff

Anipike's Wedding Peach Links
Anime Web Turnpike: Rayearth Links
Links to images, information, manga,etc
Sailor Moon Nexus
Sailor Moon Links
Anipike's Shoujo Kakumei Utena Links
TA-Chan's (Baka! Baka!)
Kawaii Fansub Trading Page
Michi no Anime
My good friend Michiru-san's fansub trading page
Idol Densetsu Eriko - Introduction
Legendary Idol Eriko Little Page
Rinoa's Insane temple to CLAMP
my little sister's page!
Usagi's House
One of my favorite stores, GREAT anime card,cel and toy selection
Verge's Anime List
Awesome fansub list and he's a nice guy too!
Dr. Seid's Legendary Idol Eriko support page
Please support translation of Eriko!!!!! Onegaishimasu!
Great place for clothes, accessories and room decorations
Starlight Jem Links
Links for the Truly Outrageous 80's cartoon, Jem!
A guide to old and new magical girl anime series
Emily's Hana Yori Dango Page
Tons of info on the anime series,manga and other stuff
Mintna bokura manga page
Series from the creator of Marmalade Boy- Check it out!!
Anime PlayStation
Reviews for anime-based playstation games
Sega Sages
Cheats & walk-thrus for japanese import PSX games
Kee kee's Plan 9 to World Domination
Translators for several Mahou shoujo anime
Kodomo no Omocha episode guide