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Seiyuu    &    J-pop

Welcome to my seiyuu(voice actress/actor) and J-pop page!
The seiyuu & j-pop singers featured here are from my
favorite anime:) The names will be listed last name first.

Wedding Peach:
Hikami Kyoko = Hanasaki Momoko/Wedding Peach

Nogami Yukana = Tanima Yuri/Angel Lily

Miyamura Yuko = Tamano Hinagiku/Angel Daisy

Imai Yuka = Scarlet O'hara/Angel Salvia
(I don't have any pictures of her yet:( She's so cool!)

Kyoko, Yukana and Yuko are in a j-pop group called Furil 
(Yuka is joins them in the Wedding Peach Summer Angel
 in '96 concert)

Seiyuu / Song Lyrics

Wedding Peach seiyuu
Wedding Peach song lyrics
"The Jewel that the Summer Gave Me"
Wedding Peach song lyrics
"A Miracle of One in a Billion"
Wedding Peach song lyrics
Merry Angel

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