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Weiss Kreuz Kapitel Distribution is Closed

Distribution Rules:

1) Please e-mail me with your request first.

2) Price: $6 per tape(pays for tape,shipping,labels&packaging) 
   Please make payments in US funds. Money orders
   or cash only. Checks and non US currency will be returned.
   SASE requests are available to US residents only.
   Packages are sent by Priority mail for US and Airmail
   for Canada.

3) Turnaround time is approx. 4-6 weeks.
   Please do not e-mail me for tape status unless
   4 weeks have passed. I am not responsible for
   tapes lost or damaged in the mail.

4) I will be getting each Weiss LD as they come out each month.
   There are 8 volumes that I know of so far.

Thankyou for your cooperation!

hikaru-chan (>'.'<) goro nyan!

AVAILABLE NOW (in Japanese only): 

Weiss Kreuz Kapitel Vol1 episodes 1-4 LD

Weiss Kreuz Kapitel Vol2 episodes 5-7 LD

Weiss Kreuz Kapitel Vol3 episodes 8-10 LD

Weiss Kreuz Kapitel Vol4 episodes 11-13 LD

Weiss Kreuz Kapitel Vol5 episodes 14-16 LD

Weiss Kreuz Kapitel Vol6 episodes 17-19 LD

Coming Soon:
Weiss Kreuz Kapitel Vol7 
Weiss Kreuz Kapitel Vol8

Other titles available for distribution:

Request Status

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