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Introducing AFRANTIQUITY, a Custom Furniture Design, Production Studio, Importer and promoter of African Art & Civilization. Its mission is to create the most distinguished artistic designs of our time, and to give the world insight into the soul of African Cultures long past. AFRANTIQUITYScreative inspirations come from furniture designer VINCENT I. WHITE and cultural visionary GERALD S. DECOSTA.  Their vision and skill have brought together a compelling symmetry of classic design and african art with historic insight.
AFRANTIQUITY has for the past four years invested in the Research Development of its African thematic expression of fine art furnishings. As a result, an impressive collection entitled "ASHANTI” has emerged that expresses both a spiritual and cultural message of wisdom and tradition. The “ASHANTI" Collection drawn from the ASHANTI ancestors of Ghana, West Africa.  The ASHANTI were a powerful and wealthy state dating back to 1701. Royalty and commoners alike had a natural love of finery and sought to demonstrate their power and prestige by artistic display.
The “ASHANTI” collection features West African Art and Adinkra symbols (ideogram) used exclusively by Ashanti Royalty. Each design is hand cra1fted in the finest hardwoods, veneers from around the world and hand finished to an extraordinary degree... Spectacular from any vantage point! The decorative motifs are hand carved or cast in natural materials with 23kt gold leafed accent. Each designer masterpiece can be ordered as a one-of-a-kind, limited edition or as reproductions of equal quality by the hundreds.
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