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Here are portraits of the members of my oathcircle, by the talented pen of my oathmate, the Satyr Alan Tarvos.

[Sigrid Thorsdattir]
This is Sigrid Thorsdattir, one of my best friends. She's one of the best warriors I've had the privilege to fight beside, but she's been like a sister to me, too.
Sir Jenner Rainwater: my mentor, oathmate, father figure---and occasional sounding board. He's a warrior without peer, but he's also blessed with a store of wisdom and experience, and an almost infinite patience---I guess that's a real plus when you're dealing with me! An all-around great guy---well, Troll.
[Sir Jenner Rainwater]
[Elspeth of House Scathach]
My ward, Lady Elspeth of House Scathach, in her court garb. One of the sweetest young ladies I've ever had the privilege to know.
Here's a drawing Alan did of me in full armor. Not a bad likeness, if I do say so myself.
[Lady Valeria of House Scathach]
[Alan Tarvos]
Alan Tarvos, the love of my life. He's also the artist responsible for the renderings here in the gallery.

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Disclaimer: All of these pictures were scanned or downloaded from various sources, and are copyright © 2000 their various artists. Some of them have been modified them in order to look more like the characters in question. No copyright infringement is intended. Alan Tarvos is a fictional character created by Christopher Church, who did not draw these images.

Sir Jenner Rainwater created by Alan Corona, who's gracious enough to allow me to use the big guy in my Chronicle. Many thanks!
Alan Tarvos created by Christopher Church, the love of my life.
All other characters were created by me.
---The Page Maintainer