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Here are portraits of some friends and acquaintances---and...other individuals, in the case of Ysolde Nyx.

Gecko, a Sluagh who's been kind enough to throw in her lot with the oathcircle on more than one occasion.
[Gaza]Gaza, a mysterious Eshu who showed up recently, then vanished just as mysteriously---though not before being sketched.
Squire Rowan of House Liam, one of my young guardsmen. He's also one of the nicest young men I've ever met.
[Rowan of House Liam]
[Baron Raphael of House Fiona]
Lord Raphael ap Fiona, the other love of my life. A great warrior, he also possesses certain...other talents (*grin*).
Ysolde Nyx: Goth musician, information broker, and all-time pain in the neck. As you can tell, I'm not all that fond of her, but I'm told she does have her uses.
[Ysolde Nyx]
[Duke Arislan ap Fiona]
My liege, Duke Arislan ap Fiona, as rendered by Alan.

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Disclaimer: All of these pictures were scanned or downloaded from various sources, and are copyright © 2000 their respective artists. Some were modified them in order to look more like the characters in question. No copyright infringement is intended.

Gecko and Gaza created by Jeni Pleskow, who also drew their portraits.
Squire Rowan of House Liam and Lord Raphael ap Fiona created by Christopher Church, the love of my life.
All other characters were created by me.
---The Page Maintainer