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Changeling Cantrips

In my research, I've compiled a list of all the Arts and Realms from Changeling: the Dreaming featured in the main rulebook, the Player's Guide, Nobles: the Shining Host and The Shadow Court.

Rather than have to put the entire fifteen-plus page file into HTML, I've provided it for download here as a zipped WordPerfect for Windows 6.0a file, or here in ASCII/DOS text (also zipped).

Here is the Cantrip reference updated for Changeling: the Dreaming Second Edition, including Infusion from Kithbook: Nockers and Metamorphosis from The Fool's Luck: The Way of the Commoner, in Wordperfect for Windows 6.1 format.

(New August 23, 1999)
Here is the updated Cantrip list in ASCII/DOS text.

(New January 20, 2000)
Here is the updated Cantrip list in PDF format. You'll need a copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the file; you can download it for free at

If you're having trouble downloading the files from this site, you can download the WordPerfect 6.1 version here, or the ASCII/DOS text version here.

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